Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


I forgot to post this picture of the finished “Sigmond Hedgie”

The picture is blurry… and my DD already gave him to her boyfriend. But he turned out really cute.

Made with cascade 220 and squiggle. :yay:


i love ‘sigmond’! he is so cute


Okay I finally did all the paws and picked up all around. Not too horrible btu I have some “holes” in a few places because dang it realy doesn’t have you pick many up does it? I’ll go in before i felt it and close those up… but now it’s more short rows.

I’m using 1 strand of fizz and 1 strand of something that had sparkles in it because I liked the idea of a sparkly hedgehog :slight_smile:


Its so cute Pixi! I just finished knitting mine up last night. Hopefully tonight I will get a chance to take some before and after felting pictures :slight_smile:


Geez, Pixie, it doesn’t look like there’s any room on that bed for you! HA! I’d be in the same boat as you except Nora’s a pug and doesn’t take up much room. ALTHOUGH, for such a puglet, she sure can spread out! And she snores!


that’s why we have a king haha!!


Oh wow, I want to make one!!! They are so cute! I love the different colour combinations you are all doing!
I don’t really have a LYS and have to make most of my purchases online - is there anywhere that I can get the pattern from online? Or could someone post the name etc so I can do a search? :thumbsup:


Here is where I got my pattern from. The pattern isn’t enough for them to ship so I also ordered the felted flock pattern.

Here is my Hedgie prior to felting, and while he was drying.


amanda he is very cute!i really like how the duplicae stitching turned out! what ‘fur’ did you use? it looks very similar to some OnLine smash(?) i bought for a hedgie!


It is the OnLine smash color #0131. I’m really happy with how the duplicate stitch turned out too. One eye is a little smaller than the other, but I’m the only one who could possibly notice it. (I’m way too much of a perfectionist when it comes to some things)


Thanks for the link, but they don’t ship to here… never mind sniff sniff


I found it at KnitWitts and at Carodan Farm. They both say they ship internationally. I didn’t specifically look for Singapore though. I found a couple other places, but they only offer the kit and I didn’t like the yarn in the kit so I didn’t even check to see if they shipped internationally. We’ll get you working on your hedgehog yet :wink:


Amanda I love yous with the colored yarn for the face etc, very cute! I finished the first bit of short row shaping last night!


Oh check it out!!

Yes my cat is bizzare and likes to sit in the bathtub.

Okay question, am I going to have to CUT a hole to insert the eyes and nose?? I don’t see how I can get the dull ends through all that hard fabric. I think I felted it a bit too long because I wanted the back to felt better, it didn’t seem to want to felt nearly as much as the front did.


Did you not sew it up with cotton to remove after it was felted? If you didnt, you can cut felted fabric and resew it after you attach the eyes and stuff it. :slight_smile:


Those are sooo cute!! I must make one!


well it never said to do that with the eyes lol it said to do that with the “butt” to baste it, I had no idea!! lol oppsy!


You should be able to use the hole in the butt to put in your eyes and then stuff it.


Glad I read from the top down! That last post would sound awful taken out of context!!

The Hedgies are adorable!! Everyone has done a fantastic job :slight_smile: