Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


so adorable, all of them! i know my LYS carries this pattern, will pick one up this weeks knit night … but i have so many other projects in my que :pout: i think this winter i will knit a bunch for the girls! a horde of hedgies :inlove:


man what a cute green one! I need to finish mine argh!!! I was out of town for 7 days and work is nuts and now im sick so everything keeps distracting me from knitting. ARGH! lol


my hedgie is felted and now sitting in the sun to dry. I totally forgot to take pictures before tossing him in the washer.

I noticed that I used a novelty yarn that was thicker than eyelash and that his back did not felt that tightly, but he is still cute… just has a big butt. :slight_smile:


:rofl: oh i am so buying this pattern tomorrow at my knit night:mrgreen:


OMG I loooooove the green Hedgie!! :cheering:

Great job!!! :happydance:


here he is!

done with Lambs Pride and Moda Dea Aire
his eyes and nose are neddle felted on


Man… these little guys are so much fun to knit. I went out today and cruised the LYS for fun novelty yarns… I have plenty of cascade to do tons of bodies, but very little in the way of fuzzy novelty yarns.

My daughter and I came up with these three combos to start round two with:

Pic 1: Cascade 220 in a tannish, orangey color paired with Crystal Palace Squiggle. This stuff is so much fun! My daughter wants this one for her boyfriend. I’m sure he will be thrilled. :roflhard: The paws will probably be some dark green I have lying around… not sure yet.

Pic 2: Cascade 220 in a lovely sand color paired with Trendsetter Joy. The Joy is mostly pinks but with some lovely sublte sand color. Contrasting paws will be pink more than likely.

Pic 3: Cascade 220 again… I have several shades of purple to choose from, I’ll let my DD have final say. The novelty is Berroco Crystal FX … this yarn has both of us very intrigued. Paws will be pink… the brighter the better. :yay:I think this will be our disco hedgie.


oh becky! :inlove: those will be great hedgies! i had no idea how big these guys are until i saw the one at my LYS last night! adorable! i didn’t pick up the pattern but plan to soon. i figured i should get some other projects started/finished before i make any of these cuties :mrgreen:

anyone use WOTA from KP? i was thinking of ordering, but how much wooldo you use? a whole skein of cascade 220 or about half? TIA


OMG that green Hedgy is SOOOOO cute!

Ive GOT to find this pattern! Seriously! :heart:


I need to order my pattern but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think I’m gunna make mine with darker colors so he’ll look like a swatch of camo fabric.


I would say a little more than half. My first hedgie was made with Lambs Pride and its 190+ yards, I’m guessing I used all but 25-30 yards of it.


Green hedgie is done! Well … he is knitted up and felted so not completely done. I have to wait for him to dry before needle felting his eyes and nose on.

Here are some pics:

1: Front almost done. Squiggle for fuzzy back and some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the perfect shade of green for his paws.

2&3: Knitting done! Time to felt!

4&5: Felting done! Time to dry!

6: Separated at birth? :rofling:




I love these! They are soooo cute!

Could one of you approximate how much yarn it took to do the bodies? I think I have some leftovers that would be good for this, but I want to be sure.


my pattern says that it takes 165yrds of the main color and 100yrds of the novelty yarn, but I haven’t actually done one yet so I don’t have any experience to speak from.


I’m going to probably be starting my hedgie in the next week! I’m all ready


Wow this is a super quick knit! I just cast him on this evening so I could stop looking at that tiny lace weight yarn and I’m already done with his front.

Now I need some experienced advice. The main color is Cascade 220 #7812 . and his back is Linie 85 Smash #0131 (the green/yellow/blue/brown color on that page). My question is this, should I order some brown for the paws that matches the back or use the leftover Wool of the Andes Hyacinth (which is a really royal purple) that I have in my stash?

I’ve got plenty of time to order something else (It’s a gift for a baby that’s isn’t due until next year:teehee:) I kinda like the idea of the purple because it would be a fun bright color and brown just doesn’t sound as fun. But it also bothers me greatly that it wouldn’t match the back fur. What do you guys think?


i would use the stash, and you can duplicate stitch his eyes & mouth in the same to match. too cute!


I’m about ready to pick mine up again soon and finish the back part… yours looks great! It’s always better to use stash of course but if you are very particular about the color then get the other color. Just think, will I mind it after it’s done?


i just bought the pattern today! i also bought 3 different colors of cascade and 3 different fun furs. so excited to make one, but i have decided i need to finish my jaywalker socks first!