Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


I noticed that, fatoldladyinPJs…but enjoyed it anyway, so glad it was re-posted! I wonder how that happens…? (old posts getting revived, with no new addition)


I am headed over to “borrow” her…lol she is one cute hedgehog :slight_smile:


Hi Pixiepurls

Are you still looking for someone to knit for you? I’d love to have a go if you are interested :slight_smile:


Hi Pixiepurls,

Are you still looking for someone to knit the hedgehog?


Welcome cazzieb. This is quite an old thread so the original poster is probably not still monitoring. Even the last post was 3 years ago. Why not start a KAL if you’d like to knit the hedgehog and see if there is anyone interested in joining?


Many thanks Salmonmac. Its been that long since I’ve been part of a forum, am rusty lol!



ok, here’s a hedgehog I knit a couple of years ago. (and then sold. I should do another. )


That’s adorable! Well worth repeating.