Huggable Hedgehog - Show me yours!


I just started mine yesterday and am now almost done. he would be done except I ran out of teh back fur.
here’s hedgie:

Thanks for looking!


I am almost done with mine. He just needs to be felted, stuffed and sewn together. So, Mr. Hedgehog is off to the washer in a bit to get his finishing touches started.


Here is my little fellow (is everyone’s a boy?)

I am very happy with the result although the wool I used for the paws could have felted better. I didn’t test it because I couldn’t be bothered, and to be honest, i don’t mind the knitted look on his paws.

Very happy with the fluffy yarn at the back. As far as I can tell none of it fell out during the felting process (which I did by hand, didn’t trust the machine after what happened to you, ritaw!).

Today I went to my LYS and bought some more novelty yarn to make another hedgie, a girl one. They had a sale on and I didn’t realise till I got home and looked at the receipt that the ball of yarn cost me 49cents! Bargain!


And just for fun, here is my 49 cent bargain!


Oh my goodness! if that isn’t the most huggable thing I have ever seen! I don’t know that I could ever put it down.


Sheridan . It looks wonderful. Great job > He is so sweet.

How do you felt by hand ? And for how long?

I just had a look at your blog . What a lovely little boy Baden is !
I love the pic where he is asleep on the floor.

Just priceless :slight_smile:


Felting by hand: I don’t know if this is the official way to do it because I have never done it before, but I put it in the sink and ran boiling hot water over it, then got some babywash liquid soap (but detergent or shampoo would work just as well I reckon) and rubbed it in and rubbed the fibres together (wearing rubber gloves).

Then I got it out and got the excess water out by rolling it in a teatowel and got an old clean dog brush (the ones with the spikes) and brushed and brushed and brushed it. The dog brush actually helped the fun fur yarn come up too, all the little loops came out from in between the knitting.

Then I stuffed him to shape him and left him on top of my kitchen bench and I would brush him a few times every time I walked past him during the day and then I did the boiling water thing again.

I think it worked pretty well. A bit of effort, but nothing too drastic, especially after the hours of knitting him!

Ritaw, are you going to have another go?

Thanks for reading my blog, and yes, Baden is a constant source of joy to me, thank you :).


Thank you Sheridan :slight_smile:

I am going to try again. I am just waiting for a very kind and dear friend in the US to send me the lionbrand.

Your one looks just adorable. I love him.

I enjoyed your blog very much and anything to do with kids has me gushing lol
I had a pic of my son where he had been about 4 and he had his little helmet on . He had been out in the garden most of the day and then i found him asleep on the floor with the helmet still on.
The pic was not on a digital camera so i cant post it. But trust me it was just such a beautiful sight.


What a shame you don’t live closer rita, I just went through my stash and found about ten balls of that novelty yarn in all different colours.

I completely forgot I had all of it, it was from my phase of knitting jumpers for my little dog, (pre human baby!! lol).

I am knitting another hedgie and have just started a gorgeous golliwog as well. I love golliwogs, I don’t know if they are politically correct or what the story is, but I think they are gorgeous!


I am almost done with my Hedgehog. He just needs some eyes and a nose. :yay:

Here are a couple of pics of my almost done Hedgehog:


He looks great ! Well done .
Please post a pic when he has his face lol


Second time Lucky!:woohoo:

I have just taken my hedgie out of the washer . Looks so much better this time . With lionbrand. I think he may have felted a bit too much in the front but that is ok.
I also think that it helps grately if the wool on the back is very simiilar in colour to the fun fur.

I will post more pics when he is dry and complete.


Great job! :yay:


Thank you! I think i would have had a breakdown if it had not worked again lol


Hi everyone .

Here she is. What do you think?


She is so cute! I love those big eyes, she is full of wonder and curiosity.


Yes, I agree about the wool at the back being the same colour as the fun fur yarn, then it doesn’t show through as much.

I have knitted the body of my second one but got distracted by the golliwog and then by a little knitted soaker that I made to look like a watermelon for a craft show next weekend, and then I decided to do Saartje’s bootees to match the soaker, so poor old hedgie is at the bottom of the pile, with a body but no fur.


You are so busy Sheridan.
Poor hedgie lol. I bet he will look wonderful though when you finally give him alll of your attention. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what he looks like.


this Huggable Hedgehogs are so sweet. i love it:heart:


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