Huggable Hedgehog - hit a bump already

I am stuck, already. I am only 13 rows in and already confused. I posted this in the KAL section but I am impatiently sitting here waiting and patience is not my strong suit. Please help!

Okay, so I have been knitting 5 and then w&t and then I think I got up to row 12 (sidenote: how do you keep track?, I have heard of ‘stitch markers’? what are they and where can I get one?).

So now my hedgie looks like this:

So now it says “LEGS” and I have to knit 4 stitches for 9 rows, which is fine, but am I doing this right? What the heck is the bit I just knitted?
(I am one of those people who needs to visualise it or see it as I go . So I knit 4 stitches from this bit?.. or am I on the wrong row and need to go to the other end and start working on 4 stitches from that end?

I posted a reply on the kal .

As for keeping track of rows, I’ve started using this trick out of Elsebeth Lavold’s [U]Viking Knitting Patterns[U]. Just run a contrast color yarn up the side (mine’s about 2 stitches in) and change from front to back every so many rows. Every time it changes you’ve done 5 rows (or whatever number). This is also good for tracking pattern repeats, inc., dec., etc.

Hi Sheldon

Oo - er - I just don’t know whether to be glad :slight_smile: or sad:verysad: that you’ve been bitten by the knitting bug - but if things go pear-shaped on this site and it doesn’t get fixed because you just can’t put down the stix, well, we’ll all know who to blame:whistle:

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OMG! I’m so sorry - I didn’t read your name properly and I thought Amy’s hubby had started knitting :oops::oops::oops::blush::blush:.

You must have wondered what the hell I was on about - fixing the site if it went pear-shaped, etc.,

I really must get my eyes checked (soon).:zombie::eyes:

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Ellie, don’t worry about it, I am used to being mistaken for one of the important people grin

cspooks: thanks for the tip

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