HUGELY important felting lesson

I found out the hard way…

NEVER, EVER!!! (I can’t stress this enough)

NEVER just stick your hand in the hot water of the washing machine to pull out your felted item. Use a dishwashing glove!!!

I felted my first purse about ohhhhhh 4 hours ago, and my hand is still all red. Now it’s…shall we say…kinda my fault, since I stuck my hand in the water to mid forearm without checking the water temperature first. The water was slightly cooler than boiling, not not much. I screeched rather loudly and yanked my arm from the not so tepid water, and danced around blowing on my hand, cause ya know uhhhh that’ll help.(gaining a few strange looks from my neighbors, as I was in the community laundry).

Ok, but THEN, to show the world how smart I was, I STUCK MY HAND IN AGAIN!!! oh, and again, and yet one more time. The whole time repeating to myself, and apparently everyone else in the laundry room, “ouww, oowww, oohhhh, hot, hot…”

A few people came over to see what I was doing, I explained, they wandered away in disinterest, muttering something about the weird girl who knitted something or other.

And finally, I got smart left the washer open, ran to my apartment and got the big yellow dishwashing glove.

All I can say in my own defense (other than I will be buying a helmet and a ticket for the short bus tomorrow), is I was excited since this was my first attempt at felting, and I didn’t want to wait to see what my purse would look like.

Needless to say my hand is red, my pride is singed around the edges, but my purse looks good, and that’s all that really matters right?!?

Yes, it’s true…knitting can be dangerous!! :biting: :lol:

Hope your hand feels better…and I can’t wait to see the bag!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

sorry about your hand, but i think it’s funny that you kept reaching in.
I think i would have too…

Yikes! I use a wooden spoon to fish out the item! Hope your hand is okay!

yup i keep a pair of gloves in the laundry room for just such a reason…i am a big weeeeeenie when it comes to hot water so i knew there was no way that water that steams my glasses would be cool enough for my delicate self to touch!

:roflhard: Now you know how lobsters feel! I wanna see the bag!

I have done the exact same thing! Of course having the lid of the washer fall on your hands doesn’t feel great either. :doh: I also use a wooden spoon or a hanger help fish out the item.

Here’s a link to the pre-felted purse. It is drying as I type at home. I wish I was there, and not at work. I would problably sit there and watch it dry because I’m so excited about it. Seriously, I think I’m a bit slow.

I do have to say, I am now addicted to felting. And all ready have 3 orders for purses from friends.

OOOOOOOH, pretty! :slight_smile:

That is very pretty, what witht he wool or yarn that you used and was the pattern from KH.

I love it … :cheering:

Happy Knitting :x:

if i were a girl who snorted when she laughed… :rofling:

Excellent colors. (oddly that purple is about the color of the gloves i keep in the laundry room for my felting! hrmmmmmmm) can’t wait to see the final product.

The pattern was the Sophia bag.

I made the straps longer (about 42 inches) because I like shoulder bags.

The yarn I got off of ebay. And it was beautiful!!!

I am definately going to buy from this woman again. I got 4 skeins for about 15.90, including shipping. She’s got a web store

Also, just and FYI, she had some of the most amazing customer service I’ve ever encountered on ebay. I just love this woman. The yarn was amazing, and I would like to recommend her.

Cute bag!

I am so in need of lessons. I don’t get this part of the instructions:

Pick up and k 16 sts along the left edge of rectangle just worked. Pick up and k 39 sts along the CO edge. Pick up and k 16 sts along rem side. [110 sts total]

I have no clue how to pick up stitches that are already worked. Oh I would love to make more things…

they aren’t telling you to pick up worked stitches. you have 39 (i am assuming based on what you pick up from the cast on edge) stitches on your needle because you were knitting the bottom of the bag. then you start going down the left edge and around to pick up stitches. Once you get to the original worked stitches you join and are now knitting in the round! :thumbsup:

Hopefully this makes sense.

You knit the bottom on circulars but turn like you would on straight needles. When you are done with the bottom you start going down the row (like the instructions above). I use a crochet hook. pull the yarn through the fabric one stitch in between every row. Since you’ve knit 34 rows and you only do one stitch inbetween every row you will pick up 16. (be sure to use stitch markers so that you keep trak of how many you’ve picked up. When you’ve picked up the 16 you are now on the long side of the rectangle (where you cast on) pull the yarn through one for each stitch…etc.

When I pull the yarn through with the crochet hook, I place the loop onto the left needle, and knit it off onto the right needle that way you are not only picking up a stitch but knitting a row at the same time.

I couldn’t figure it out either, so I went to my LYS and asked them. They were more than happy to show me how to do it. Hope this helps.

I finally finished my first felted bag, and I love it. There are pictures on the “Whatcha knittin’” page. There should be a link above if your interested.