Hugeified needles!

Anyone ever work with US 35 needles? Yikes! I knew a pattern I had been waiting to knit called for them, so I bought them when Hobby Lobby had their 1/2 off sale. I thought I’d finally get a gauge swatch going today (yes, I am actually doing one! I figure in a garment where there is ~1 spi, that being 1 or 2 off might actually matter!) and I am seeing a couple of issues. First the gauge called for is 5st and 8 rows for 4"…I am getting 6.5-7spi on the 35’s…so I need BIGGER needles!!! Also, the yarn is slightly thick/thin so is is a little tough to get a “perfect” read on the gauge and despite slipping the end stitches, the sides are looking a bit messy to me. AND, the pattern calls for regular 35’s and 35 DPN’s…but now after reading the pattern, it could really all be done in the round (which I prefer anyway).

Soooooooooo…anyone know of a good source for size 36-40 circulars that won’t cost me many many $$$$$?

hey kemp~ is that you word of the day? hugeified? :smiley:

Hi Kemp,

Looks like knitting with broomhandles!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Do you know what the mm is for the size 35? Maybe you could get dowels big enough and make DPNs. (I think my hands would cramp with a needle this big.)


:roflhard: :roflhard: That is my word of the YEAR! For some reason, I just LOVE it :roflhard: :roflhard:

I thought of the dowel thing, but then how would I ever get the point? I don’t have a lathe and my whittling skills are non-existant.

I think the 19mm/US35 may work after all though…I stretched the fabric as if to block and got gauge. Plus is seems very stretchy overall, so I think if I make the small size, I’ll be ok. And…if I can find #35 circs, I can try it on after a couple of rows.

What’s the pattern Kemp? I’ve never used size 35 needles! 15 is as big as I’ve used…I bet that is awkward!! :shock:

They ARE pretty awkward! HERE is the pattern…chunky green sweater. There is also a similar orange on in the same magazine that has the same gauge, but it wasn’t pictured on the website. The green one is ribbed and the other is stockinette. Now I just have to find those circulars!

Hi Kemp! :waving:

I was just wondering what kind of yarn you are using…It is beautiful!

Reminds me of knitting with

:thinking: If you can find out how thick the needle is, in diameter, maybe you can get a dowel, or, indeed, a broomstick! to fit your needs! :rofling:

…edit: I see MaryS said the same thing! LOL. great minds think alike! :wink:

Oooohhh, I love it too, but you are so going to hate my answer! It is bulk quantity wool that a purchased when I was at a yarn store in Florence, Italy. I have’t seen anything similar colorwise

Actually, if you go check out Michaels or Hobby Lobby or even your LYS… they should have a set of needles as high as 50 for under $15. I’ve seen several places around here that carry that size for like $12 or so.

The patterns that I typically have seen that “require” that size are all blankets. I’m kind of interested in trying out the 35+ size sometime to see what happens.

Right Joel…I have seen ones that big, but I’m just not sure if I’ve seen circulars that big. I have found them online now, so I may just have to order them. No instant gratification :frowning:

I have a pair of big fat needles–I don’t remember the size off hand–they’re about an inch in diameter. I’ve used them to make a baby blanket, with four strands of yarn at once. Kind of a big block pattern. Took an evening! Knitting with them is like using the big kindergarten crayons!

Agreed. Those big needles are harder to work with!

:wink: I have a set of size 50’s. I have knit a lot of scarves with 35’s. Actually what I started on when I discovered knitting again 18 months ago!
I have see fat circs, but not necessarily cheep ones. Happy Hugeiferous Hunting! :roflhard:

Kind of cool…these are for sale on eBay, and you can choose the length.

VERY cool! Thanks for the link!