Huge sale!

am i crazy? everything i have clicked on so far says “sold out”… i don’t see an indiciation that is supposed to change later…am i missing that?

I forgot to post this yesterday…I think people must have found out about it.


okay well i went back again after i was too tired to keep knitting and i most certainly did find some AWESOME deals! I left a few behind too (misti alpaca anyone?) I just spent way more than i should have but i gotta buncha yarn coming my way.

sadly the one that reeeeeeally fell in love with was sold out… it was such a pretty color it made me gasp when i saw it…lol. I am such a color geek. :oops:

Don’t you mean that you posted after you BOUGHT IT ALL!! :!!!:

:teehee: :teehee:

Evil. You are just pure evil. :lol:

Man I tell you what. If you are going to have a sale you may as well go all out! Whew them were some good prices. :thud:
I got some RYC Cashsoft 4ply for the Seraphim Shawl that I will be knitting. I couldn’t resist. :zombie:


Speaking of sales… Sandra I was trying to convince Joe, at Personal Threads, that he needs to have a big sale when they move to their new location… I don’t think he was convinced…lol

Have you seeeen the new location yet? The building is going to be HUGE! In comparison though, my apartment would be HUGE compared to their store…lol



They are moving?! When?! I didn’t know that. I am so glad that they are getting a bigger store. Can you imagine all that extra space and all that yarn :passedout:

Yeah they need to have a moving sale. Although my pocketbook does not want them to have a sale :teehee:
I :heart: :heart: that place



You are officially my enabler. I spent $80 on yarn I never knew I needed. :zombie:

Then, because my birthday is Tuesday, I had them ship it overnight as my present to myself. :aww: Ok, DH is out of town for the week and I hate it when he’s gone for my birthday.

I got quite a haul though for that money:

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky [Pink] – 4 at 3.71 each which will be a shrug for my dd

Maggi’s Linen [Mint] – 5 at 3.35 each which will be a tank top for me

Jaeger Baby Merino DK [Petal] – 3 at 3.22 each which will be a baby sweater for an upcoming baby

Fiesta La Luz Multi [Poppies] – 3 at 13.41 each for another summer tank for moi.

So, thanks for posting that link – it was fun. :muah:

HOLY COW!!! That’s the best sale I’ve ever seen!!! :noway:

Too bad everything was sold out :verysad:

oh boo, I was just so feeling like a sale today and was searching around at Webs, then decided to check in here… and right! out of luck…
There’s only THREE yarns there and they don’t even look like they’re on sale! ?

I need a sale bad… :doh:

There’s a lot more than three yarns on there. you just have to click around and look. Check the drop down boxes when you find one you like and it will tell you if there is any instock and how much. Check this link … that should help you find them.

Man! I just paid full price for Nashua Creative Focus worsted at my LYS the other day. They have it for $3.60!! That is more than half off what I paid. hmmm, maybe I need more. It is quite lovely!! It is the yarn used in this Knitty pattern: Elbac #1.

Dude. I can’t even imagine how much I would have spent if there was more in stock. :shock:
I’m pretty proud of myself for only spending $30 (before shipping) …and I got 8 balls of faaaaabulous yarn :happydance:

noooooooooo kiddin’! :rofl:

zkimom :flirt: :passedout:

GO THERE! You know I’d hate to send you some place besides mine :wink: but a lot of those prices are right at or below cost! I even had to get a few things myself. Not the easiest site to navigate but there is a lot left and the prices are as good as you’ll ever see.

Man, and here I was thinking that I could get some Noro Kureyon yarn for the booga bag I want to make. But they’re sold out too! There’s a handful of different yarns left I’m seeing (chunky) but I wouldn’t know what would be good (that’s left) for the felting of the bag. :shrug: That’s one realllly good sale though!

There is lots left but you really have to go through each brand. It did take me a while :slight_smile: but it was worth it.