HUGE needles!

I’m really struggling with 25mm needles. My hands are quite small, which doesn’t help. The largest needles I used before were UK size 0 (8mm)!! I have plastic ones which have a really long point so when the wool goes on it’s very tight to the point that I can’t really get it on the length of the needle without a struggle then I can’t move my work. Then, when I complete that row it looks loose. I undid the whole project - I’d knitted a sleeve and got to the increase row of a sideways knitted cardigan; about 2 hours work :frowning:

Just ordered some wooden KnitPro needles which I can collect from the store tomorrow, and I’m seriously hoping I’ll get on better with them. What do others think?

Are these the ones that are size 50 in the US? I only used them once - for a lap blanket made with super bulky yarn - and really didn’t like them. Too big for me, I’ll stick with the more common sizes (like 13 and 15 for big stitches).

Good luck!!

No idea what size those are as I don’t have the translation handy. Working on those needles though is hard. People have a tendency to work at the tips and then slide the stitches up. This works fine with most needles, but with the huge ones the stitches won’t be able to slide to the middle of the needle. So my advice is work slower and work on the large part of the needle. It will be loose which is normal with big needles unless you are using huge yarn, too.