Huge Needle Patterns?

For Christmas, I reveived needles in sizes US 35 and US 50. I love idea of knitting something with a really bulky yarn, but have seen no patterns of any type calling for such large needles. Anyone have suggestions? Wall hangings OK.

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Lando :??

Lion Brand has a lot of free patterns for size 50. I also know that in an old addition of KnitL (I think that’s the name of it) they had a sweater knit with size 50. Good luck, if you find any others please post links.


Have you considered scribble lace? You knit a very lightweight yarn with huge needles, then knit a row or two with bulky yarn, then switch back to lightweight yarn.

THIS is intriguing!


I’m working on this

but it’s slow going cause the large needles are awkward

Also, she’s changed the pattern - originally it called for 10 stitches for skinny scarf and 13 for a wider one. I’m doing the skinny scarft with 1 skein of malabrigo

Is the green scarf on the model the same as the blue scarf below it? Looks different. You are using 3 strands of yarn?


Is the green scarf on the model the same as the blue scarf below it? Looks different. You are using 3 strands of yarn?


The way I read it is she is using 2 different kinds of yarn and depending on the type of yarn she is using it depends if you single or double strand it. If you use Malabrigo you use 2 strands and if you use the other Magnum you just single strand it.

It looks like any type of bulky yarn would be single stranded and any worsted weight would have to be double stranded (turning it into a bulky yarn).

I hope this helps!

I’m using 1 skein of Malabrigo, double stranded for the 10-stitch scarf (which is the size of the green one.) The blue scarf is same pattern, but the yarn used for that one is much larger than the malabrigo, so looks like she single-stranded that one.

I was also considering using a single strand of worsted and smaller needles, but haven’t got that far yet.

I love the varigated look of the Malabrigo, so I hope to get it finished soon.

Could I follow the pattern as written with one skein of Malabrigo & size 17 needles?

I haven’t tried it with the smaller needles yet, but I’m only using one skein with the size 35 needles, just double stranded. My guess would be that if you wanted to do it single stranded, you’d use a needle of half the size of the 35’s (19mm), so maybe try a size 13 or 15, which are 9mm and 10mm.

Let us know if you try it. You should get an idea of how it looks within the first few rows.