Hey everybody :waving:
Just in case you didn’t get the email or haven’t popped by [B]Diva Knitting[/B] today…[B]YOU SHOULD[/B]:blooby:

[SIZE=3][B]BIG[/B],[/SIZE] I mean [SIZE=5][B]HUGE [/B][/SIZE]sale!!! And, the time is [B]NOW [/B]for stocking up on supplies for [I]holiday knitting[/I] and/or knitty goodies for you and/or your knitty buds!

[I][B]DASH [/B][/I]over to [B]Diva Knitting[/B] and get the [I]GOODIES[/I] while they last!

My goodness, [B]Diva Knitting[/B] prices are below retail everyday, can you even imagine the prices during this[SIZE=5][COLOR=red] BIG SUMMER SALE[/COLOR][/SIZE]?!

GO…LOOK…HAVE FUN…BUY!!! You know you want to :wink:, and if you don’t you will be so angry with yourself when those special things you wanted are gone or no longer on sale!!!

How much is she paying you? :teehee:

I’ll go check it out.

:rofl: Becka is my hero! She’s always taking care of me.

The Namaste Bag I have been looking at is on sale!

I wish I could get it… darn those bills!:wall::wall:

Thanks! I have been there and purchased a new Messenger Bag… I love the one I have and want a new color, and some stitch markers! I could not make up my mind this visit on what yarn to buy, so that just means another visit to Divaknitting! :slight_smile:

Oh my, MILLIONS!!! LOL, not a penny, just like she didn’t when I was the 1st person around here that noticed she had a shop and told everyone then, too!!
I have a big mouth (ya’ll know that :wink: ) and love to put the word out (or do whatever I can) to help all of my buds!

Thanks, Kemp, that’s so sweet!

So…go shop and support a FRIEND :teehee: