Huge Cable Pattern

I want to make a cable scarf with one HUGE cable down the middle and I cannot find a large cable pattern to save my life. I tried to tweak the cable patterns from books I have lying around, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know of a cable that has like 15+ stitches in it?

Something like this link, but the bigger the better:



Could you adapt the cable pattern in this poncho?

Hello Yarn Handspun Yarns… Free One Baaad Poncho Knitting Pattern

or this:
Kaya Cabled Scarf - 100% striated dyed wool - free knit scarf pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns


You probably need to look for a 3 strand braided cable pattern… 5, 5, 5

this one is 16 sts,

Lion Brand free scarf pattern 60053 has one center cable

Wow! Thanks guys, you were so much help! :cheering:

Found another for you from a leaflet picked up at Michaels

How big do you want it?

A Saxon braid is always nice (26 stitches) -
or from the chart at

Or multi-cables (37 stitches) -

Or all-over “woven” cables -
or even “random” cables -

Or a Hartshorn cable
or socks (with picture of the pattern at

Actually, I’ve always had a fondness for the Saxon braid, which has the benefit of looking far more intricate than it is to knit!


Thanks again! I have so many options now! :slight_smile: