Hug Shrug

I finished this shrug a couple of weeks ago, and love it!, but I find that it wants to slip off my shoulders. Any ideas on what I can use to keep that from happening? I’m in the process of making another one in black for a friend.

Very nice!:yay:

ooh i like this!

Very pretty! I like the color. You did a very nice job on the cables too!

:happydance: it looks wonderful!!

Did you increase your needle size as you got to the middle, then decrease again as you got back to the cuff?
that gives you a bit of height and drape across the sholders (as far as i know anyway)


Beautiful! Love the color!

Your shrug is beautiful ! Where did you find the pattern?
I made a shrug last spring and hoping to get around to another one soon…anyway, I knit a collar and larger needles and then stitched it onto the shrug so that it covered my shoulders more and stayed in place.

Really beautiful!


I think it would help solve that problem if you undo part of the seam. Try having the seam end just about your elbow – that should give more ease to the part over the shoulders.

There is no seam on this shrug…I found the pattern here, with the cables mods found here.

Thanks for the replies! I’m going to attach an i-cord to each side of the shoulders to see if that will help with keeping it on.