Hug Me Shrug

I just finished this shrug for my daughter. She is in a wedding in the fall and I thought if it was cool with a sleeveless dress she may need something on. Please forgive the pictures our son dropped our camera and it hasn’t been the same since. Here is the link for the shrug

Love it!!!

Ooh it’s beautiful! And it’s great to see a beautiful child so happy to wear it! :muah:

It is beautiful! Such an experienced model!

So pretty! She’s obviously very proud of it. It’ll be perfect for a wedding.

Nice job! You just added one more thing to my wish list of things to knit for my own dd. Thankfully, this will fit a range of ages, so, I have time!

Cute! I’m making my first ever shrug right now. It’s from a pattern book and very plain. Yours looks like it has a feather and fan pattern going on on it. I love feather and fan. Your sleeve ruffles are cute too. That will be nice for the wedding.

Oh boy! You’re gonna have to hide that til the wedding because, if she’s anything like my three girls, she’ll be running around the house with nothing on except that shrug every chance she gets. I just love that about little girls! They could be totally naked and not think anything about throwing something like that on and calling herself “dressed!”

Cute shrug and darling little girl! Thanks for sharing!

that’s so pretty!
and your daughter is too cute.
it looks really soft too, what’s the yarn?

Beautiful shrug.Good job!:cheering:

Thanks guys. It is put away so she wont wreck it or dirty it to bad. The yarn is actually just Red Heart super saver yarn. I can’t afford fancy yarns. (I buy at Walmart) And it is a feather and fan pattern which was really easy. I did most of the knitting on my lunch breaks at work and in between calls when there is a wait time. It only took me a little over a week on my lunches to do it.