Hug Blanket for step-daughter

Here’s a blanket I made for my step-daughter last Christmas (that’s 2006) when her father said he wanted to send her a “hug”. She was told, after she moved to another province, that every time she was lonely and needed a hug from her Daddy, all she had to do was wrap the blanket around her and she would be getting her hug. She has now moved back to this province, but uses the blanket all the time anyways!

It’s a fairly simple blanket in eyelet type stitch, knit with worsted weight yarn. I then made a square with a *Christmas tree in the center of it and sewed it to the middle of the main colour of the blanket and added two panels of gray, one on either end, to make it a nice size for snuggling on the couch watching TV.

I just found this picture of it in my files, so I thought I would post it for you all to see!

*“Christmas tree square” graph found in The Knitting Stitch Bible on Page 64.

Very nice work. What a great idea - a hug blanket. No wonder she loves it!

what a great idea…very pretty :happydance:

Love it :slight_smile: Nice warm hug blanket !

That’s beautiful!

It’s lovely.
I have a blanket (although not a handmade one) that I snuggle with all the time!
Linus-like… :slight_smile:

Very nice blanket - but you made me teary eyed! LOL

Sorry, it was intended as a good thing, not to make anyone cry! I have to admit that when my step-daughter read the letter from her father which was in with the gift, saying that it was a hug from him, she too cried (and I have a picture of that). She was here visiting for Christmas (2006). I am very happy to say that when we visited her in her new apartment a few weeks ago, that same blanket was laying on the couch as if it had just been used. It thrilled me, as well as her father, knowing that she actually does get some use out of the “Hug Blanket”.

Love the openness of the stitch pattern! Very unique idea to add the decorative panel.


Very nice work! :thumbsup: This blanket will transition with her over the years! It is not too baby-ish! Good thinking!

How lovely…I could just with a “Hug blanket” at the moment as I am still trying to come to terms with loosing my mum x

Thats really beautiful. You did a great job.

It is great!

Very nice! How wonderful that your step-daughter treasures it so much!

I like that! Who wouldn’t want a hug blanket from a special person? Great idea! It’s beautiful!