Huck Lace Scarf/Shawl

I knitted this shawl/scarf with Misti Baby Alpaca–s-o-o-o-o soffft!!

The pattern is from Morehouse Farm Merino Knits. I love this book! I scaled down the pattern to make a shawl/scarf because I wasn’t sure about my ability to hang with a lace yarn for the duration of a shawl. As it turns out, I love this kind of project. Margrit’s patterns are very knitter friendly–easy, relaxing, fun, and with fabulous results.

I finally ordered and received some merino wool from Margrit and her husband’s sheep. I love it and am using it in another of her shawl patterns.

BTW, I doubled the yarn to give it a bit of weight and, as it turns out, it is luxuriously drapey.

That’s just lovely :heart:

It’s beautiful! It must be wonderful to wrap yourself up in it!

That is so beautiful!!! Congrats!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Very lovely! It will coordinate nicely with a lot of outfits!

Looks very luxurious! :cheering:

Lovely! Makes one feel like they could reach out and feel how soft it is!

Mama Bear

It looks so soft and comfy! :cheering:

That is simply beautiful!! :heart: I have a shawl that I’m going to make with the Misti Baby Alpaca in the same color and it is SO soft and yummy!

That looks so beautiful. So nice to wrap yourself up in yum yum.

:hug: Sharon


beautiful! it looks so soft and cozy! :heart: