Hubby's socks....?

I’ve been knitting my darling husband socks since I learned to knit socks again.
He has really big feet and I sometimes absolutely dread starting another pair for him. It takes me a while to knit one sock and then I have to start another.
I’m not planning on knitting two at a time… :slight_smile:
The thing is, the socks I knit him wear out in less than a month. We have a rough carpet in our apartment that is wall to wall and he wears his socks when he’s in the house and the soles literally fall apart in no time at all. He’s taken to wearing 2 pairs of socks at a time.
I knit him 2 pairs for Christmas and Now both are worn out so I’m in the middle of knitting him another pair.
Do other people have this problem? If you solved it with a different kind of yarn or something, or a different stitch or whatever… please let me in on your secret.
If this is a stupid question, I apologize ahead of time…
TEMA :shrug:

Stainless steel yarn? Seriously, if they go that fast, I’d head to Walmart and buy a pkg. of Hanes or something. That’s a lot of effort to not last. There was another thread about the same kind of problem some months back. I think the OP of that one decided to buy socks already made. I’ve seen something about socks made with a replaceable sole, if I can figure out how to search for it, I’ll let you know what I find. Is there any possibility he might wear slippers over his socks?

Honestly, I don’t think I’d bother knitting socks if they wear out that fast. Hand knit socks take too long even if they are a labor of love and are too expensive. :shrug:

That said…Stainless steel yarn isn’t soft enough nor do I think it’s durable enough. The only somewhat durable yarn I’ve used for me, and I’m not hard on them, is wool with nylon in it. The acrylic socks wore out very quickly. What yarn are you using? You might consider also trying a reinforcing thread for heels and toes.

Or this- socks with replaceable soles. I’ve always wanted to try these.

Have you thought about making him slipper socks using the suede soles? I’ve not used them but have looked at them for my grandson as they have tile and hardwoods on the floors and it would give him a better grip.

No… short and simple but that’s the answer to your question… :slight_smile:
I’ve already asked him to do so but he’s sooo much more comfortable with just the socks on… Gotta love the man!

Thanks so much for the info, Jan. I’m going to look up both those that you offered. It would be worth it to me to buy the book, magazine or whatever to get these patterns. I love to make socks and I’d love it even more if I could even just patch up one pair…

I’ve always wanted to try them. Just because. Lol. When I get ready I’m going to check my library first.

Here’s a pattern for two needle socks. You could stitch these up with contrasting yarn so you can easily take these apart and replace the soles when you need to. I have knit this pattern. These fit nicely. I thought they were better than socks knit in the round. And there’s no heels to turn.


What about reinforcing the foot, heel, and toes with this stuff? It or something like it may be available elsewhere, but I just saw it last night, and will order some as I have teeth in my toes too.

I can’t imagine wearing socks that are seamed. :zombie:

In another thread, wooly nylon for Sergers was suggested for reinforcing socks, I searched and found other references for doing it. I think I’m going to see what JoAnn has tomorrow.

I think that with the soles wearing out, what would be left is a nylon “skeleton” of the sole.

they’re seamed along the sides. They were quite comfortable. I thought they fit better than socks done in the round.

Back in the old days…and using a darning egg…I mended my husbands woolen socks by darning them. I didn’t knit the socks, but I mended them.

Instead of knitting a new pair of socks, why not just darn them? Seems like it would be a whole lot less work!

Darning egg

Another idea: using the method for mending/darning/patching a sock, you could create a double thickness at the heel or toe, or wherever he is busting through, [I][B]before he[/B] [B]manages to bust the sock out.[/B][/I]