Hubby's first and last knitting lesson

I’ve been trying to get my DH knitting. He’s reluctant and insists on holding the needles like drumsticks, which might account for this mess-


-however, he was proud of what he made and insisted I tied it off and kept it!!!

I tried to teach my hubby too. He sat for a good ten minutes and really gave it a go-but got frustrated when he dropped a stitch. However, I’ve noticed that he’s much more appreciative of my skills now. :teehee:

Looks a lot better than my first attempt! :shifty: :teehee:

I thought I was a patient person… not so. I can’t understand what he finds so difficult, you should see him holding the ‘sticks’ as he calls them, it’s painful. Then he lets go of the 1 to wrap the yarn around! AHHGGGG Never again, my hubby cannot knit, I cannot build Daleks, I think we should leave it like that.

Mine learned to knit, he’s actually not bad at it - he got halfway through a scarf for me then got distracted by computer games, but I’m hoping he’ll finish it in time for winter :wink: He wants me to teach him crochet next…

How did you do it? He wants to learn to contribute to a project I’m doing, but OMG I can’t do it. And the thought of teaching him crochet instead, I’ll just go and pass out now thank you!

Hee! :lol: You poor thing! Of course now that you’ve put the idea in my head, I want to try and teach my Dad to knit! :roflhard:

Men can’t knit.

But you can knit, He’s watched me, he’s watched the video’s here, what’s so hard? :wall:

How did you learn Knitting Guy? Should I give up on him?

I find that when you teach people to knit (I taught my future sister-in-law) and they insist that they’re knitting the correct way even when they’re not, the best thing to do (and the best way to avoid coming to blows) is simply to agree that they’re doing fine. Eventually they’ll want to knit neater or faster and you can say, “well let me show you this new way to hold the needles that might help you with that!” Problem solved! :wink:

At least your husband created something that he was proud of. Maybe he’ll come back to knitting (if your blood pressure can tolerate guiding him again) and do a little better someday!

It’s interesting how knitters like us feel the need to “convert” our friends and families.


well he tried which is a daring feat!!! :x: did he :hair: ??

No, he was very prod of his first row of stitches, tied a knot and then pulled the needle out! He wondered why I looked shocked and why it didn’t have that ‘neat looking edge’!

I won’t try and teach anyone else. I only tried with him because he asked.

For those of you who want to teach someone and can’t: remember some people will do fine with text instructions, some will prefer photos with text, and some will learn best from the videos or watching you, let them choose which way they prefer (even if you wish that watching you were the easiest way for them but they want to figure it out alone. It may be slower but it’s more satisfying that way).
Also remind the menfolk that knitting is traditionally men’s work, it was the women’s job to spin and the men knitted, it became a female pastime more recently.

P.S. is it true that pink used to be the boys’ colour and blue was for girls until one or two hundred years ago when it got switched over? Anyone know?

Yes, red was a man’s color so pink was used for boys (light red= young men) Blue was used for girls and women to represent the sky and the connections females had with nature. I love it when my gender studies give me useful knowledge

My DH wanted me to teach him to knit to have something to do after work instead of mindless channel surfing in the motel room. I didn’t get very far… his hand are so rough and “torn-up” from years of concrete work that the yarn wouldn’t even slide across/through his fingers!!

He probably just needs to keep at it in his own way until he figures it out.

I taught myself through a book and by watching the videos here at KH, along with asking a lot of dumb questions. I learn best by figuring it out on my own.

My ds-inlaw was watching me knit after his daughter was born. I had brought some needles with me, and he asked me how to do it.

Here was a Marine MP, 6"2’ at the time , (199 lbs of muscle) asking.

So I slowly and no big deal, showed him how to cast on.

he goes… ok… practice… and I went to get a drink… and he had cast on 100 stitches.

I advised he let a few off… then he wanted the knit stitch. Ok… He watched me a few minutes… then he did it w/ me , then he took off on his own. I went and played with the baby… helped fix dinner… then… I looked. and he had done 6" of knit stitch!

Same with purl…

Then he started making up his own design.

I bowed to him… and eventually flew home.

He wanted to knit his daughter a blankie… well, between the time he found the perfect yarn, and such… He had forgotten how to knit…

He threw it accross the room, where my daughter hid it for a few months.

I flew back to spoil granddaughter, and he asked if I would show him again. ( Daughter was in shock! He is asking You? I just lol)

I downplayed it big time… showed him. and he took off…

He made a blankie and put up the needles.

So… He did what he wanted.

When His son was born he switched needlecrafts. He sewed his son some blankies with a used sewing machine I bought them.

So He can do needle works… just in very short spurts.

I am very proud of him… He wanted his kids to have something he made for them. So he put his ego, ( which is normally huge) aside to learn.

My Boyfriend knits. He is doing a blanket in his college colors right now, just the knit stitch. He is very proud however, of being able to join new yarn for the blanket. I’ve avoided telling him he won’t love those ends so much when it comes time to weave them all in. He has gotten so much faster since when he started.

I had a problem showing him how to do it too. In the end, I scooted up behind him and put my arms and hands over his, with the needles and showed him how to move his hands and the needles correctly, basically, both of our hands doing the motion at the same time, to be sure he was doing it right.

That could work for you, if need be, have him be the one behind you, with his arms matching yours. That way, both of you are looking from the perspective of the person knitting.

When I was first learning to knit (by the wonderful videos here on KH!), I was missing a part with the cast-on, but couldn’t figure out what it was. So DH sat down with me - yarn and needles in both our hands - and we watched the video a gazillion times until we figured it out. How many husbands would do that for you? He’s the best! :heart::heart::heart:

You lie! I’ve seen the results of you knitting… unless you are telling us you aren’t a man! Or are you telling us you didn’t really knit anything and its all a scam, your Mom knitted the stuff and you posted pics saying it was yours! :teehee:

OK we know you knit :wink: We know you aren’t alone at it either =D My dad was ACE with a sewing machine, he used to do all the trouser turning ups for us kids. Men are pretty good at these kinds of crafts, it appeals to the engineering side of them =D:cheering: