Hubby wants a blanket in Denver Broncos colors...any ideas?

I’m a relatively new knitter and my dh has requested that I knit him a blanket/afghan in the Denver Broncos colors…blue and orange. And, because I love him :heart: and because I’m the best wife in the world, :roflhard: I ran out and bought the yarn before I even considered which pattern I’d use. I’ve been searching online and checked out several books from the library but just haven’t found THE pattern. :shrug: Do I knit strips in various patterns, then sew them side by side, or squares of different patterns, or just a big striped afghan? Help!!! I just can’t picture in my head what would look best! I’ve been looking at this yarn for 2 months now and I’m anxious to get started, so I can hopefully complete it before football season begins. (this year or next, I’m not sure…) By the way, the yarn I bought is Plymouth Encore, worsted weight.
Thanks a bunch!! :muah:

Din Knits,
Boy, if that doesn’t sound like something I would do, go buy the yarn first. Any excuse for me to go yarn shopping. :lol:
I too am a beginner, I am sure the forum will come up with all kinds of ideas for you.
Knitting strips sounds good, maybe with different patterns to give it texture, but I am sure there are some fun easy patterns out there, did you look at Lions Yarn for some?
Good luck it will be a good project. Encore is wonderful yarn.
Isn’t knitting fun, esp the shopping for yarn part?


How about different colored squares, but with the center one having the horse? You could find one on line and try to make a chart from .

Thank you, Ingrid! I didn’t know about website and after checking it out and playing around with the Broncos logo, I think I have something to work with!

And thanks to you also, Marilyn, for your encouragement! Yes, yarn shopping is fun and VERY hard on the budget! I doubt I learned my lesson though, my yarn stash is growing by leaps and bounds, so I’ll be pattern shopping as more ideas pop into my head for Christmas presents.