Hubba bubba pom pom yarn

Can anyone please help? I have just got some hubba bubba pom pom yarn with a scarf pattern on the packaging and I am totally lost, I can’t understand the casting on. It reads as follows
With 4mm ndls starting after a long pom pom make a loop in the next space between the 2 small pom pons. Place on left hand ndl.
Keeping next pom pom at back of work, cast on 2 STD in next space before long pom pom 3sts on ndl. I understand up to here I think but the next bit I don’t get.
**keeping long pom pom flat along the left hand ndl, go to next space after long pom pom. Wrap thin thread round ndl working from the back towards your thumb, holding long pom pom firmly.
Place ndl into back of this loop and bring thru a sts. Pbon.

In the special abbreviations it says pbon means place resultant st back on right hand ndl. This is the thing that has me confused as it is already on the right hand ndl. I am from the uk and have never come across this pbon before and think it may be a USA sts. Hope someone can help me. Thanks lozshaw65

No, it’s a stitch unique to working with this yarn. It sounds like an unnecessary instruction. Or maybe they wanted to make sure you put the loop on the R needle instead of the L like you did when casting on.

Thank you for your help but I am still not sure what to do next, it seems wrong to cast on sts on both ndls. Please could you tell me what to do next?

I don’t think you’re casting on to both needles. Cast on to one needle by knitting on, then begin to knit the stitches off the L needle to the R needle.