First time making Gloves with fingers using straight needles only. But I’m now stuck on trying to figure out the thumb.

Purl row.
Knit row and M1 on on both sides of marked stitch

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 46 sts in total. End with RS row.

P26, CO2, turn work.
K13, CO2, turn work.
P15, turn work.
k15, turn work.

I’ve ended on RS with the 46 sts
I’m now at P26, CO2, Turn work.
My question is am I supposed to purl on the knitted side? RS is knitted WS is purl.

OK, P26, cast on 2sts and turn so that the next sts go on the knit side (RS) row. Now follow the next directions, K13, CO2 and turn once again to the purl side. P15 turn to the knit side and so on.