Sure hope someone can help. I do not understand the following directions. These directions are the beginning of the pattern: On RS join B and wk 2 rows. Wk 12 (15,17) sts B, *join E and wk 15 st chart pattern #3 (reversed) , wk 10 (10, 14)sts B. Repeat from *(not reversed),end 12 (15, 17)sts B. AT SAME TIME: Wk 12 rows B, wk 12 rows D for background charts. The nearest yarn store is 50 miles from me so I would love to figure this out instead of making the trek for help. Thanks Dee

Is it something particular about these directions, the chart, the “at the same time”?
Which size are you making?

lol, just about everything this says I don’t get…It lost me after on RS join B and wk 2 rows ( I did that and then it says wk 12 sts b (i am doing size 2) which to me means con’t with B (green) for 12 st . Then it says join E (orange) and wk 15 st chart pattern. Is that with the orange that I am working the next 15 st? Also I don’t get (reversed) and at the same time. I’m really lost Dee

OK, got it. It may help to look at the photo of the cardigan. B (green) is going to be the background color for the nest 12 rows. I would also recommend marking off 15sts of the chart/ That’s including square 4 counting from the right (the tip of the beak) to square 18 (the rear end), just those 15sts.

Reversed means to work the chart starting on the left for this duck. This is so the ducks will be facing each other. If you wanted, you could just follow the chart with all the ducks facing in the same direction.

If you want the ducks facing each other, then this is the way to start.
Knit 12sts green, start the chart with 2 more sts green, knit 1 stitch orange, 5sts green, 3sts orange then 4 green to end the chart.
Knit 10sts green. Work the chart from right to left, and after the chart, knit 12sts green.

After 12 rows total in green background, change to turquoise for the background but keep working the chart as you have been.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much, I’ve got it. I’m a self taught knitter so every project I do is a learning opportunity. Thank you again !!! Dee