Html for button

I have the KH button in photobucket, but I don’t know html enough to actually DO anything with it…can someone help me please??? I’d like to get it and other’s on my blog, but it is a mystery.


It’s actually quite easy if you have a bit of basic html knowledge. Basically your code will look like this {with text in red changed to fit your filename}

thanks!!! have nearly zero html knowledge…so YOUR knowledge is WONDERFUL!!! thanks!!! :slight_smile:

YEAHHHH it worked…now…how do I get them on the separate lines?

<[color=red]XX[/color]\li>Google News
<[color=red]XX[/color]a href=“” target=new></a>

as it stands both the google link and KH link are on the same line…

now…to modify so that it shows up…lol…OK…red XX’s don’t belong there…

If you are using the list attribute (either < ol> or < ul> -minus the spaces of course), use < li> before each item to put it on a separate line.

If you don’t want to use the list attribute, then just end each one with a < br> tag, to “break” the line.

so just get rid of the spaces inside the tags and use the following:
< ol> (or < ul>)
< li>Google News
< li>< a href=“” target=new></a> < /li>
< /ol> ( or < /ul>)


< a href=“”>Google News< /a> < br>
< a href=“” target=new></a>

Wow, you all are great!

Heatherfeather, sorry to be slow about this, but if it’s still helpful, I’ve ADDED the code for each button in the original post showing the KH button-links. (I should have done it from the beginning!)

Thanks so much for being determined to link to us! :heart:


have a looksee…:slight_smile:

it’s on yarnlandia :slight_smile: