Hrumph. Some sale

I was perusing Joanns online site and looking at sale items and this popped up. Some sale!


I think it must be an 8 under there…but admitting that in the original post totally took away the effect.

Hey people! Buy it now and you can have it for the bargain price of …MORE MONEY!!!



good grief! I know what I won’t be buying!


woo-hoo! while supplies last, get ONE for the price of TWO :happydance:

Oh thank God, I finally get to pay more money for something. It’s about time. :teehee: :wall:

Girls, what you are thinking is $10.95 is really $18.95. With the line through the 8 it makes it look like a 0.
Regular Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $14.99

:rofl: :rofl: That is funny to see - I’d be confused too!

It is a great book though!

you gotta send that one in for the jay leno show! :teehee:

that is hilarious… it might actually be a real typo - i can’t get an 8 with a line through it to look like a 0, you still see the rounded sides of the 8 (and doesn’t it make you wonder how much time i have on my hands, that i’ve spent 20 minutes playing around doing just that!!!) :teehee:


As indicated in my 2nd post, I knew it was an 8. It was just sooo much funnier as a 0. :teehee:

I went to find it on their site and they’ve changed it! NOW it’s $18.95!

Seems to me that it was indeed $10.95 to begin with! Funny, Chel!