HP Scarf

Just for the fun of it, I made myself a Gryffindor scarf. One of my coworkers liked it so well that she asked me to make her one. She knows nothing about Harry Potter, she just liked the stripes and the yarn. Hers is going to be turquoise and white.

It was double-knitted on US8 in Unger Utopia.

Great job - it looks very cozy!

That must have taken forever! It’s very pretty!

Very nice!

I :heart: it!

Oooooh. That is pretty!

/Mia the Huffie :teehee:

[color=indigo]Very nice! You must’ve been knitting on that for a long, long . . . long time. :cheering:


No, it didn’t take very long at all, less than a month all told; probably about 24 hours of actual knitting. I get into a groove with a repetitive jobby like that. What slowed me down is that I needed two skeins of each colour, but I accidentally ordered two of one, but only one of the other, so I had to wait for the missing one to arrive.

Great job! I tried to make an HP scarf, but I lost heart about half way through ^_^;;

Go Go Gryffindor! Go Go Gryffindor! Great job!

~psammeadred, a Ravenclaw through and through

wow… you must love your coworker a lot to be willing to do all of that knitting for her…

good for you! :slight_smile: