Hoxbro Domino

I’m very proud of my first domino knitting square! The colors are muted, yes, but I plan to use vivid colors, and my color wheel in the near future, for some exciting color combinations.

This book, which is a translation of the original Danish edition, is a small paperback.

Vivian Hoxbro is a Danish designer who was very smitten with Horst Schulz’ “Patchwork Knitting.” She attended his seminar in Berlin, and went back to Denmark to adapt it to her own ideas. Being Scandinavian, she uses simpler designs and more understated color schemes than the bright colorways Schulz favors.

What will it be when it grows up? It is nice work, though!

I don’t know. These yarn genetics can be tricky.

Give me some suggestions, so I can mold the yarn to be all it can be, when it is fully grown.:wink:

I had that book from the library. Pretty cool isn’t it!? I like your square. :wink:

Great job :thumbsup:

Yes, her instructions for the square are what I wish ALL knitting book’s
instructions were like!

I’m knitting a navy blue and rust colored one, today, made it bigger, hoping to learn how to join squares.

Any suggestions?:think:

I haven’t actually done any joining of squares, but here’s a link to one I have bookmarked.

At the bottom under finishing you can see how Lily Chin does it so it is reversible.