How's your knitting projects coming a long


How’s your projects coming a long ?
I while back I had problems with my top some of you might remember my orange lace pattern and I had to keep unraveling it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Well I’ve now finished it and once its sewn togethezr I’ll put a picture up . Picture up all done and sewn up
I would love to see how everyone is doing with there’s.

Finished project

I’m making a hat to test a pattern of various colors. A lot of the time I have two colors in one row. This is something i like. I’m trying to teach myself to have both in left hand. I can easily do one in each hand but I want to learn something new.

It’s going slowly as I keep myself busy with other things during the day, visit a shut in neighbor daily, take a 10 year old to a park to play with friends.

Then last night, when changng colors, I cut the wrong one. Start that round again.

I’ll get there but not instantly.


This week I finished a fairisle wip that has been on needles since Feb last year, no reason other than different projects needing attention first.So pleased to have it finished now.

and then I immediately cast on a fairisle cardigan for hubbs called Lewis by Martin Storey which will be another long haul :astonished: strewth!!


That’s such a pretty top and finished just in time for spring and summer. Lovely!


I have been working on two girl’s scarves, and two dishcloths, the second of which I finished this morning. (Pictures of the two dishcloths are on the June 2018 What’cha Knitting thread.) I have also started on a third dishcloth.


How pretty!