Howdy from Japan


Don’t know if anybody remembers me, but I’m the knitter that was getting transferred to Okinawa with DH by the Air Force.

Anyway, we made it here and so far it’s a great place to be. We haven’t had much of a chance to explore off base, but we’re excited about things to do in the four years to come.

On our way here, we took a train ride from Cleveland to Seattle (our port of call) and DH actually decided it was time I taught him to knit.

I cast on a few stitches for him and he knit a coaster in the middle of the Lounge car of the train with people staring at him. I’m so proud of him!
With all his work, he hasn’t been able to knit something else, but he cast on for another coaster last night. They’re small projects but he’s determined!

I hope everybody’s doing fine!

Welcome back!!! Sounds like you’ve made it ok to Japan:thumbsup: . Don’t forget to take pictures and share :poke: ! I hope you’ll have a pleasant time there and explore around. Your DH sounds wonderful and it’s great that you taught him knitting :woot: . Are you going to take Japanese classes? A friend of mine did and she said it’s a fascinating language to learn. Good luck!

:happydance: Great to see you posting!!

I agree we want lots of pictures and that’s great that he let you show him how to knit!! :woohoo:

My dad lived in Japan for a few years after WWII when his dad, a Colonel in the Army, was stationed there as part of the reconstruction effort. He went to Yokohama High School (Yo-Hi). And my aunt, his older sister, graduated from High School there. We’ve got year books and everything. It’s very cool.

I’ll teach you a phrase - phonetically as I’m writing it, of course, - that you will need:

Benjo-wa doe-ko deska?

It means, “Where is the bathroom?”:thumbsup:

Glad to hear the transfer went well.

Before you know it he’ll be knitting sweaters.

Glad everything is going well for you in Japan. I agree with the others, we would like to see pictures.

Nice to hear from you again! I’m glad the move went well!

That is so cool that DH learned to knit and IN public at that! :yay:

The coolest part, is that now he wants knitting notions for Christmas hahaha. I’m going to put a little package together for him with stitch markers, measuring tape, etc.

I’m in the process of uploading pictures to my flicrk account. I’ll let you guys know when there’s something to see.