Howdy...from Cajun Country!


I am so happy to have found this site and forum/outlet for questions, queries, etc. I wanted to say “Hi,” and introduce myself.

The “next-door-neighbor lady” taught me to knit when I was in the sixth grade. Now, if my recollections are correct, that would have been approximately age 11/12…and this would have been about 1970/71. You do the math :wink:

I remember that my first project (which I still have) was a pillow. Mrs. Ruhl (the next-door-neighbor-lady…a/k/a NDNL) told me to have my mom take me to buy two skeins of two different color yarns. You have to wonder what in the world possessed us to purchase some of the colors we did, huh? Mine were <shudder> red and purple – from Kmart. Yikes!!! I still have the pillow. It was made in four strips, alternating approximately 16 rows red in garter stitch/16 rows purple in a brick pattern – pretty impressive for a newbie of 11/12, I thought.

I put down knitting for quite a few years and picked it back up again in my mid-20s, re-learning what the NDNL had taught me and expanded on my own. I did a “sampler square” afghan (mostly done while my daddy was in the hospital) and learned alot – teaching myself cables and lots of neat patterns. No garments yet.

Put it down again. Life got in the way. I always figured – you know, knitting is something I can do when the legs/knees just don’t “go” like they should anymore, and I have few choices but to sit in that 'ole recliner.

Alas, something hit me a few weeks ago, and here I am. It’s been <cough> 20 years, but I don’t feel like I’ve forgotten too much, although I do have to hit the references to make sure I’m doing things right. I’m starting on a couple of simple projects: ponchos/scarves – to make sure I’ve got the basics down pat again.

BUT – I bought a couple of books the other day at the LYS, and I’m determined to make a sweater this time around. I have no clue about sleeves and necklines, but, hey…if it stinks…it’ll go in the “Goodwill Bag” and I’ll try again and learn as I go. :blush:

So…sorry for such a long intro. I know I will learn lots from reading the incredible wealth of knowledge from you all. Most everyone I know crochets, so I have no “mentors.” I bought a great new bag from JoAnn’ and am organizing my “stuff,” 'cuz I’m taking an Amtrak trip in a month from Louisiana to Wisconsin with a girlfriend and figure it will be a wonderful time to bring my new projects along. My girlfriend is genuinely concerned about my “new” (again) knitting obsession. :angelgrin:

Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

p.s. There was a post recently in the Knitting Novices newsgroup from a poster worried that, at 38, she is “middle aged.” Holey Moley…if that’s the case, then I know my neighbors think I’m “clinical” when … at 46 (+1/2)… I’m rollerblading at night with my doggies. And DH, at 68, doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grow up! :thumbsup:

Well, dagnabbit! My first post, and I didn’t get it in the right place :frowning:
I meant for it to go under the intro section…not a separate post. Sorry, guys. I’ll learn :frowning:


There’s no rule that an intro has to be in the intros! We get them as individual posts all the time–don’t worry about it.

Welcome to KH and I love that you jumped right in with a childhood picture1 :wink:

Welcome! :waving:

Can’t wait to see your work, and please, get a photo of you rollerblading while walking the dogs! :wink:

:waving: Welcome, Sara!! Looking forward to getting to know you :wink:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!! I’d love to see a photo of your first project… I think its great that you kept it :thumbsup:

Welcome!! :smiley:

I :heart: cajun country!!!

Welcome! :waving:

Hi Sara from Cajun country! I was born in Bogalusa, LA.

Welcome to KH!

I wasn’t born there, but my early childhood was spent in Lafayette, and I returned there to attend USL (now ULaLa… is there a snort! emote?) I’m related to most anyone living in Sulphur.

I love Louisiana, music, food, mugginess and all.


:Hey Sarah, when you get “old”, and personally I plan to maybe think about it when I’m eighty, your pillow of red and purple will be right in style with the “Red Hat” ladies. Do you have those in your area? I see some around here sometimes, and although old enought to qualify, I sure don’t FEEL like I’m ready to think I’m old. Cause I’m not! I’m with the DH who doesn’t know what to be when he grows up. That’s perfect! :wink: samm

Howdy, neighbor! :smiley: I’m not a Cajun, but I’m only one state away, in Texas. Welcome to the best knitting site on the net. :cheering: