hey everyone…im new at knitting and i need a starter pattern…something like a small shirt…for a little dog or a starter thing…can someone help?:angelgrin:

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hey guys! remember…smaaaaalllllll :angelgrin: lol! :knitting:

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Here is my personal knitting history: practice square swatches in different knit and purl patterns (from Knitting for Dummies book), scarf in garter stripes, winter hat, stockinette stitch mittens, heavy winter socks, fingerless gloves, feminine gloves on size 2 needles, no-hair-day chemo hat, shawl in a sort of basketweave knit/purl pattern, lace baby hat, baby thumbless mittens, baby sweater, lace shawl.

If this is your first project (first thing that you’ll want to keep) you should definitely keep it simple, like a square or rectangle. scarves, potholders, dishrags, and the like. If you’d like something a little more interesting, I’d recommend a simple winter hat.

One of my favorite places for free patterns is Knitting Pattern Central. Give it a browse!


Dishcloths are really good. That and scarves. No gauge to really worry about and no seaming.

I started with the stitch n bitch book!
It rocks and has lots of Definitions in the back of the book.
Plus there are lots of easy patterns for purses. scarfs and hats. I think they have a puppy coat…But look through it first. Just in case I have my books mixed up.

1–doll/teddy bear clothes are fun (to learn how to make a sweater… with out investing in a second mortgage or half a lifetime)

2 hats… there are several charities that are always looking for hats… (newborn hats are always needed)

3–washclothes. they sound stupid…and then you use them…
WOW… you’ll knit a thousand!

4–socks… not a hard as you might think, and unless you have really big feet (men’s size 12 or larger) not really a big project.

5–doilies (not your grandmothers doilies.)
Doilies made from worsted weight cotton–they are great 'place/lap matts for dishes (plates) hot from microwave oven!
make them as big a your dinner plates–and TV dinners take on a new meaning!

This is the first pattern that I learned how to do yo and k2tog. It’s very simple, and pretty too! :slight_smile: