I’m doing this. I’m almost done with the first leg. After I cast off at that point, how do I rejoin working yarn to do the other leg?

You just start knitting with the new color. I’d start at the crotch and leave a longish tail so you can sew the inevitable gap that forms in these situations. :wink:

Well, its not a new color, I just have to start in a new place. Yes, I will be starting at the crotch, but at that point the yarn won’t be attached to anything. So, if I pull a loop through, how will it stay? And how will there be any tension? I guess I’ll just try it and see…

You just have to be careful when you do the first few stitches. After that you should haven’t a problem till you come back to that first stitch again. Just knit it though and keep going. The tail will be used when you’re done to tighten it up and fix any gaps so leave it a little longer just to be on the safe side… maybe 10-12 inches. Better to have a little too much than not enough IMO. :wink: