How young is too young?

My grandaughter is 2 1/2 yrs. old and is curious when she see me knitting and I would like to teach her but her parents are nervous about her using the needles (even my blunt size 13 bamboos) and I’m not sure she old enough to understand my instructions. I really want to teach her this wonderful craft. Can anyone help me with this.

Nadja :XX:

My 2 1/2 yr old shows interest too but not enough for me to show her cause she gets bored and wants to move on… so I just smoothed out a pair of blunt 9s I had and gave her some yarn… she will go get it when I knit sometimes and sit there and watch me… trying to do what I do… I have told her the poem Amy says in the knit video… and she does her own poem… she quickly gets bored though and puts her items back in her little bag (she loves that she has her own bag to hold her yarn and set of needles) and goes plays :lol: she really isn’t learning to knit but I figure that will come in time and when her attention can be held longer… but at least this way she is getting the feel for needles and her own yarn while enjoying knitting time with mommy… really at this point I think thats why she does show interest to do something with me that daddy and brother doesn’t do :wink:

If her parents will let you… I’d prolly blunt the 13s some more, get her a little skein of cheap yarn, and just let her do her thing while you knit… you might cringe at the knots being formed but she will enjoy the time with you… and be proud of herself cause she will feel like she is doing the same thing… if you can try to explain the knit stitch maybe with the poem & if the right time allows itself… in time she will pick it up more and more… :thumbsup:

Some kids can grasp it at that age, some kids can’t, a lot of it depends on their focus, their attention span, and how well developed their spatial and fine motor skills are. You can always try!

I believe there’s some info and even a book or two about “finger knitting” where you can actually make things like a scarf and such using your fingers and the yarn… check it out! :thumbsup: no needles

Two is probably too young to learn how to knit correctly, but I agree that ‘play’ needles, some small, colorful balls of yarn and a little bag are perfect.

She might also like to sit in your lap and do the “around the back” part of your stitch. My granddaughter started out that way and can now knit on her own. She still does not knit more that 4 or 5 minutes at a time, but she does remember from one visit to the next how to do it. She uses … in through the front door, around the back, through the window, off jumps Jack.

What about a knitting spool. Those little spools with 4 nail-like prongs that she can easily knit over. She can make really long cords and it is fun to see them come out the spool. Maybe get it started for her and give her a blount chopstick that she can use. Tell her it is a “sitting down” project so that she doesn’t wonder around the house with a chopstick. My kids all learned to knit at 9 - DD#1, 8 - DD#2 and 7 - DS. The girls both learned on bamboo needles and chunky yarn. My son learned on a pair of “children’s needles” by Lion brand that have a “no slip” coating of some sort on them.

I would say, once they can fluently tie their shoelace, you can teach them knit. I wouldn’t push it.