How you got started?

Does anyone remember how they got started knitting? I remember being in 4th or 5th grade and I was in Brownies. THe leader brought somebody in to teach us to knit. Then I moved to a new house in 6th grade and the neighbor was a knitter. She helped me continue…after that it was always a knitted scarf for each new boyfriend! ha ha…
didn’t knit for almost 25 years…no new boyfriends!! The past two years have been the best for knitting! Am totally dedicated to the craft that has given me a new sanity!

I was pregnant with my first child and I quit smoking so I needed to do something with my hands. I learned to knit booties and that was the only thing I could make, dozens and dozens of booties! I didn’t knit again for about seven years until I read an article about making mittens. I learned to make mittens and hats by knitting around. I stopped knitting for 2-3 years and I’ve recently started back again.

I love to learn why and how people started knitting! So many knitters seemed to learn to knit as children, how nice!
I am disabled and in a great deal of pain all of the time, well, this had been going on for years and I was at my wit’s end with nothing to do, you can only watch movies and tv for so many years :roflhard: :rofl: Well, I prayed and asked God to show me something that I could do that would both occupy my time and help keep my mind off of my pain. Then, in a few days my husband called me from work to tell me that he had gone over to Joann’s to see if they had a knitting kit! They didn’t have one, so that night we went to Michaels and picked up a kit which contained a little book and a couple of sets of needles along with a few notions, and a ball of yarn and I have been knitting ever since! That was a bit over 2 years ago. I’m pleased to say that knitting is the one and only thing that I’ve found that both occupies my time and keeps my mind off of the pain! As a result my pain management doc suggests such hobbies to his patients :cheering:

I remember watching my mom knit… I was 5 and she would knit sooo much!!! She could finish one sweater in 3 or 4 days even though she worked full time. My sisters and I would have sweaters in every possible color.

Just by watching and reading my mom’s knitting books I made my first scarf when I was 6 or 7, I did some crochet every once in a while, but it wasnt till I moved to the States(2005, I am 26 now) when I started knitting again, we lived in the country and I would spend every day at home(I dont drive), I needed a hobby… one day I walking around Fred Meyers I found the craft section… that was it! Non stop since then… :slight_smile:

I knit a scarf in a class when I was in 7th grade. I really enjoyed it but didn’t stick with it. I bought needles and books about 5 years ago, but didn’t start seriously trying to figure it out until about a year ago.

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8. She was a prolific knitter and did a lot of custom knitting to make a living at times.

She had 30 grandchildren and each of were given knitted sweaters and clothing that she made for us over the years. I still have the poncho she knit for me when I was ten. She made a matching one for herself and we had our photo made together in our matching ponchos.

Mama Bear

I’m not sure how old I was when my mom first taught me knitting, but I guess I was about 6 years old. But I didn’t do it for a long time, I guess I was too young. at school we had to knit a small square, but still, I didn’t like it. Untill about 3 years ago. Everybody wore those great long scarves, but I’m allergic to wool, so one from the store wasn’t an option for me. (I’ve always had great difficulty finding wintersweaters and scarves) I really really wanted one, so I decided I’d knit one myself. After that, I stopped again. A year later I was at the “Kreadoe” wich is a large hobbyfair. I already decided I wanted another scarf, so I bought some acrylic yarn there. But after I bought the yarn, I found someone who made the greatest scraf I had ever seen. It was with 8 different colors, knitted at the same time. I was sure I wanted that scarf, so I decided to buy that yarn as well. Because 2 scarves are to much (you only can wear one at the time) I decided to make a sweater out of the first bought yarn. I really liked that and I haven’t stopped knitting ever since.

I taught myself to crochet when I was about 18-19 and pregnant with my daughter. It was kind of a rough pregnancy, and I wanted something to do besides lay around all day.

I tried to learn to knit about the same time I tried to learn to crochet. I couldn’t figure it out on my own, and my father in law suggested that maybe his mother could teach me. She tried and tried, but I just didn’t get it.

After a few years of not crocheting, I picked it up again two years ago. After a few months, I became really envious of what you could do with knitting that you can’t with crochet, so I tried to teach myself to knit again. I don’t know what was different this time around – I learned from the same booklet – but I got it this time.

i taught myself using THIS website!
I use cloth diapers, so I wanted to knit covers for them- Longies and shorties.

i think that was a year ago…maybe two…i cant remember and i cant really think right now! LOL

As a child my mother told me, “You’ll never be able to knit, you’re left-handed.” About 2 years ago I saw those Kniffty Knitter things in Michael’s and bought a set. Oh yuck, soooooooo boring. I started reading about them on line and found that most people said the same thing and “…why not just knit?” Then I found a kit that said it could even teach left handers to knit so I bought it. Oh my. Then a friend of mine sent me a link to this site. TA DA!!! Bless Amy and continental knitting.

I really do not know when I started to knit. My dear mother taught me as a child to crochet but she didn’t knit.

Only in the past two years have I taken up knitting seriously. I don’t think I’ll ever get beyond being an “advanced beginner” but I do enjoy knitting up bags and felting them, scarfs, hats and totes and socks. So I’m content. :cheering:

cause Brendajos was doing it and made it look fun :rofl: :roflhard:

I had been wanting to for awhile but then I started not handling my stress well and thought this would help… although in the beginning it caused more stress lol… one day I was at my breaking point had been to the ER with my little girl and was just a ball of stress so went to the LYS and they had me get a pair of 8s and wool yarn… :happydance:

My sister-in-law crochets and made me a really cool afghan. I wanted to learn a yarn craft, but not the same. I started working at Michaels a year and a half ago and was intrigued watching the knitting instructor at our events. Finally in February I took her class and learned the basic knit stitch as well as casting on and binding off. I came here to learn to purl and all of the rest of the fancy stitches. My sister-in-law wants to learn to knit now. Hehe! I still want to learn to crochet too. I also bought the Knifty Knitter and did a few scarves. It was so boring and you can only do ONE thing with it. There was a lady at the store that made blankets and all sorts of things with it so I thought it was so cool. Yeah, it sits in my basement waiting for my boys to grow up and learn it!


I was at the library while I was on maternity leave and saw a really nice book on crocheting in the new books section. It had such nice pictures. My DD was not a sleeper and I never even made it to Joann’s to get the supplies. Last fall I was with a friend (who has a child the same age as mine) and she mentioned that she was taking a knitting class. Which reminded me that I wanted to learn how to knit or crochet. So, back to the library and I checked out Stitch n’Bitch. Went to Joann’s and by the next day I had made DD a scarf. I was hooked and am not totally addicted (and have made it past scarves)!


Two of my aunts and my dad’s mom all knit, and my mom’s mom used to crochet (and occasionally knit.)

Whenever we were on vacation with my dad’s family, my aunts and grammy would all be knitting, but they never had extra needles to teach me. So I came home from vacation this July, bought a kit, and taught myself from the kit and various websites. I stumbled on this one, and I’ve been knitting ever since! :slight_smile: (A whole 3 months!)

My grandmother who I saw only once every five or six years crocheted and knitted and would send me a pair of booties each year for Christmas. I thought they were the coolest things, something she made out of nothing really, just some yarn. I asked my mom if she knew how to knit and she said it was too hard, she didn’t understand it, etc. I grew up and into my adult world thinking knitting was something I would never be able to understand. Fast forward to two months ago when I told my husband I was bored and was going to learn to knit. He told me go for it, we went out and bought the SNB book and some cheapo needles from JoAnns. I came home, read the first few pages of SNB and got the jist of it then searched google for knitting videos to see if there were any. I came across this site and spent the next few hours watching all of the videos and mimicking them. The next day we bought more yarn, I knitted a scarf and I’ve been hooked every since then.

My mother tried to teach me to crochet probably four times between when I was seven and when I was thirteen and I just could not do it. My first year in college, my RA convinced a bunch of us to go to a learn to knit program they were doing one night and that was it.
Now my roommate (the same one from that year) and I teach each other new things. She taught me how to purl and I showed her how to cable. She taught me stranding and I coerced her into trying a pair of socks (she didn’t like it!! I didn’t know anyone could not like knitting socks! :verysad: ).

When I was 7 I asked my grandmother to teach me to knit because I so loved the shawl she had made and kept on her wicker rocking chair. I made a few things through the years but didn’t really get into knitting until I was at boarding school where we all had to do some type of handwork. One of the nuns knew I could knit so she asked me to make sleeves for a sweater to be donated to the poor. Once I had done the sleeves she told me I could now work on the body of the sweater…size 5-6 boy’s pullover with cables. My first sweater at age 13. I’ve been knitting ever since…60+ years!


This topic was such a good idea!

I always wanted to learn to knit. I learned to crochet in the Girl Scouts at the age of 10, but never learned different stitches and thus grew bored with it quite quickly. To me crocheted items didn’t look like anything, just boring squares. I suppose it was lack of imagination on my part coupled with a lack of a good teacher.
I always loved knit items. I thought they were beautifula nd shapely as compared to the boring squares I always crocheted. I stifled the desire to learn to knit for several years. Then Sept 26, 2005 my best friend, Daniel died. I had a really rough time dealing with his loss. I definitely needed some sort of intervention, something to help me be productive rather than destructive. Lucky for me, in December I ran into 2 ladies knitting in a local book store. I told them I had always wanted to learn and they invited me to join their knitting group. I did and threw myself into knitting with reckless abandon. I have learned so much since then, and am so thankful to have something that keeps my hands occupied, as well as my mind. Its helped a lot.

I learned to crochet as a child, probably age 8 or 9. I took it back up earlier this year (age 41) because I needed a new hobby. Shortly into that, I got the urge to knit too, so I bought the I Taught Myself Knitting kit from Boye at WalMart. This got me started, and being a terrible book junkie/nerd, I now have a collection of knitting and crochet books that would probably make the library jealous. I found this wonderful site and got brave enough to do some caps with DPNs. Next for me is sweaters. Knitting is addictive! xxx