How would you knit this...?

Hi Everyone,

i’m a newbie here, this is my first post :happydance:

yesterday i was watching some of the video’s on the DIY website from Kitty Gritty, and i really liked what the host Vickie was wearing in one of them.

here are some pics:

How do you reckon you’d knit that green shrug/poncho type thing that she’s wearing? Would you do that in the round and go to smaller needles around the neck?
i’ve never knitted in the round before, so excuse the stupid question… would i have to have needles long enough to go around the shoulders??
it seems like a pretty big stich… ???

i’m in Australia so i’m a little confused by the US needle sizings as well… is there a common conversion chart somewhere that people use?

Wow thats a few more questions than i’d planned on!
Thanks so much

The only question I can answer is… you don’t have to have huge circulars. They can hold about 3 times their width’s worth of stitches, so you could make this with about an 80cm one. If it’s knit – might it be crochet? Can’t see the stitches well enough…


i thought that may have been a stupid question :slight_smile:

yeah the pics are pretty small, the video’s on the website are small i just screen captured them.

i could live with the stiches being smaller if need be…

Vicki has a pattern for it on her blog [color=indigo]here[/color] if your interested, but it is crochet not knit.

Where in Australia are you?

oh Cool thanks a million!! i didnt know she had a blog… Sweet!
i’ve never crochet before but i’m willing to give it a go! :slight_smile:

BTW, I’m from Adelaide… nothing exciting like Sydney or the Gold Cost :slight_smile: LOL

If you googe knitting needle conversion charts there are several sites that offer lists for this. " looked good to me. Welcome to a VERY helpful, friendly board…no question dumb or silly!!! Great bunch of people to learn from here!