How Would You Interpret This Instruction?

I’m in the midst of the “Doily with Spiral” from this site and I’ve got a question. How would you interpret the instruction after Row 66:

Knit 1 more stitch onto right hand needle before starting the next row, and move your marker accordingly

This is what I think it means: I should increase 1 stitch at the end of the round, and then move my beginning of round marker so that this new stitch is now the first stitch of the round (rather than the last stitch).
Anybody think that’s right? Anybody think it means something else?


I would personally knit the first st of the next round onto right hand needle, so that it is now the last st of the round, rather than the first. Hope that makes sense. Not saying I’m right, it’s just how I understand it.

I agree with knit4pie. You don’t increase, you would just take off the marker, knit the 1st st of the round, then put the marker back on, so that 1st st is now the last st.

Ohhhhhh…man I didn’t even think of that, but it definitely makes sense with the rest of the pattern. Thank you!!!:heart: