How would you decrease a simple k3p3 hat?

Ugh, I should have done k2p2 to make the decreasing easy at the crown but I didn’t. I’m a new knitter so I don’t know how to improvise so much right now! Can anyone help me decrease for the crown? I’m just doing a simple hat - knitting in the round just k3p3 the whole way - size 9 needles…
Any advice on how to decrease? Also (bonus yeesh) if you have any idea approximate how many inches it would take to complete (so I can guesstimate total length of the hat) would be great, though maybe a tall order.
Thanks so much for your help - I tried looking at other hat patterns but the simple ones all seem to be k2p2…

Let’s see. Right now you have


You could k2, k2tog, p1, ssk, k1 around the hat. That would reduce all the p3’s to p1. Then work a few rows of kkkpkkkp and then eliminate the p’s and finish in stockinette?

Sorry to need my hand held but how would you decrease the single p’s and then how would you decrease the stockinette? Just checking… and thanks so much!!!

I would decrease in the purl ribs first, then when they were down to p1 between the knits, start k2tog.