How would this look with stripes?

I’m making this scarf for my dad (minus the lovely flower) and twice the length in a dark charcoal grey. How would it look if about 1/2 inch from ends I added two medium blue stripes (each end would have 2 stripes, 3 rows apart and the stripes would be 2-3 rows a piece) The colors look gorgeous together, I’m just not sure if this pattern would work with stripes on the ends:

I tend to feel like a ‘fancier’ rib pattern like that should stand alone. I’d leave the stripes out.

I made that scarf for my dad, too. I used a tweed yarn…I liked the fancy rib.

You’d get two-color purl bumps–to me that always looks like something is wrong.

I say nay I think it would look much better without it. The scarf is nice as is!