How would I knit these Versace and Celine Dresses?

Hello, I am new to this board and have a question about two dresses. I have been drooling over these Versace and Celine dresses for ages and I am wondering if I could make them by extending a top-down raglan pattern and knit them in all one piece. It would eliminate a ton of knitting up and would make them much easier to finish.

This is the Versace Dress:

This is the Celine dress:

I am thinking that the Celine dress would be a matter of making a larger necksize, perhaps a boatneck, and then decreasing for waist shaping and increasing for the A-Line.

My question is, how would someone do all this and what weight of yarn would you recommond? I would like to make it in a natural fiber that is not too expensive, not super-hard to knit with and in fact would be fun to knit with, and that would have a lot of give. I am leaning towards the Celine dress as it could be worn to more often.

Thanks in advance to those who respond.

Uh, well…

If you were going to knit that sort of dress, you’d need very tiny needles and super-thin yarn (thread weight). Even laceweight wool is expensive; I honestly don’t know of any yarn manufacturer that sells wool that thin. Knitting a garment that size would take forever and three days. I would try sewing, personally. It’s not that I don’t like knitting; it’s just that knitting a dress at that gauge (size of yarn and needles) would take way more time and money than I have.

They are gorgeous dresses, though!