How would I knit a small flat circle?

Okay, I can’t find this anywhere, but I’d like to know how to knit a flat circle. I only need directions to knit a very small flat circle wtih DPNs and then I’ll make up the rest. I have Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn. I’m going to turn it into a pouch like I’ve never seen knitted before. I just got an acrylic ball and want it to be s scratch - free as possible. That’s why I’m making it.

I’m thinking of making something that resembles a narrow bowl, but then extend it so that I can fold it over and sew it, and add a drawstring withOUT a lot of eyelets (maybe just two for the yarn to actually come out)

would this felted coaster pattern work to get you to what you need?

I would think you could just start with the Kitty Pi instructions, then stop when it was the size you wanted…

thanks guys. I think one of them will work :slight_smile:

Basic Circle:

Cast on 8sts and arrange on 4 needles

Rnd 1 and every following alternate round: Knit
Rnd 2 (increase rnd): Knit into front and back of every stitch. 16sts total
Rnd 4: (K1, knit into front and back of next st) 8 times. 24sts total
Rnd 6: (K2, knit into front and back of next st) 8 times. 32sts total

Continue, working one more stitch between increases on every increase rnd.

oh thank you!

wait… would this work for all kinds of yarn?

i would think it would have to. there may be some yarns that are harder to work with but that isn’t any different than any other project. seems like as long as your needles match your yarn there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t work. no gauge is listed so ya know…

Thanks, ya, I just had to ask :wink:

Try this…

Ya know whatever size I have used these methods with, the first row is always the hardest. THey get all bunchy and its hard to see whatcher doin and alla that. So I don’t think the size of the wool matters (Though I would think thicker wool is easier) Good Luck! :cheering: :XX:

oh good :slight_smile: I have woolease thick n quick. It’s pretty thick haha.