How would I decrease with this stitch count?

I want to knit a ladies’ hat. My pattern calls for a multiple of 4 stitches + 2. I’ve only every used a multiple of 8 for hats. How would I take care of those 2 extra stitches? Is this a dumb question? I feel like I should be able to figure this out!

Also, would 78 or 82 be a typical stitch count for an average-size ladies’ hat using bulky weight yarn with size 10 needles?

Thanks for any advice.

Are you knitting this hat back and forth or in the round? If it’s back and forth then you can essentially ignore the +2sts which will become part of the seam.
Try knitting a gauge swatch with the yarn and needles you are going to use in order to decide how many sts to cast on. See how the sts per inch work out with the measured inches around your head.

I’ll be knitting in the round. I’d like the decrease “swirl” to look even and I’m thinking it will throw it off if I put two extra decreases in. Will they be very obvious? Should I put them both in the first round?

I’m knitting this for a gift, but I think her head size would be average. I have a small head so I can’t go by that. I’m getting about 4 stitches per inch in the scarf. I checked two patterns done in stockinette. For a women’s size, one called for 80 stitches and the other 77, so I would like to go with 80+2 for my pattern so I can follow my decrease instructions (another pattern) for a multiple of 8. Then I wonder if 72+2 would be better or too small. I hope this isn’t as clear as mud!

Why not decrease 2sts in the row before the first decrease round? Then when you get to the decrease round, you’ll have 80sts and you can go with the same decreases that you have done (knit 6, knit2tog for example).

Okay, I’ll do that! Thank you very much for your help.

You can leave off the extra 2 sts, just do the ribbing k2 p2 over 80 sts.