How would I decrease my hat

So I’m making a hat using no pattern. Knitting on a circular needle using 80 stitches. When it comes time for me to decrease, how should I do it? I’ve done the k2tg all the way around but do not really care how it turns out. Is there another easy way starting out with the 80 stitches?

You don’t k2tog all the way around unless you want a very steep dec. A better way would be k8, k2tog around, knit a round plain, then k7, k2tog, knit a round, k6, k2tog, knit, etc, knitting one less st between the decs. At about k3 k2tog, you may want to skip the plain knit round in between and dec every round. When you get to about 16 sts, thread the yarn end through the remaining sts like a drawstring to close the top.

You could also start at k6, k2tog for more decs per round and a more drastic dec rate. See which you like better.

Here’s a good link for making a hat:

BTW - In the 2 posts I see here I don’t think you mentioned whether you’re doing the hat on circular or straight needles. I just wanted to remind you that knitting every row on straight needles creates a garter stitch, but knitting every round on circulars will create stockinette. So if you are knitting on straights in stockinette you would knit the decrease row and purl the next row, etc.

ETA: BTW - the link says to knit 2 rows even between decrease rows. I would knit 1 row even between decreases as Suzeeq suggests. But that’s my preference.

Plug the numbers in here.

You might want to check out the Easy Roll-Brim Hat on Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog:

Knowing absolutely nothing (and being an idiot where numbers are concerned), I was able to follow her directions for decreasing very successfully! :happydance:

follow the above suggestions…

end up with a commonplace hat.

think about how you want the top to look

Knit straight up, and bind off in a X

OR knit some short row on top, and end up with a \ to the top of the hat.

or bind off in an I beam…

a half dome hat is fine… LOTS of people knit half domes.

but if you want your hat to be different (YOUR HAT) then one place you can make that happen is with the shaping of the crown.