How was this made?

Now that I am getting more confident in my knitting skills I am looking at different knit/crochet RTW objects and trying to identify the methods used to create the item.

However, I can’t figure out what stitch pattern was used to create the body of this hat.

Is it a moss stitch? Or is it a combination of cables and a knit and purl stitch pattern?

The lower edge looks like reverse stockinette. The upper part looks like maybe some sort of brioche stitch, similar to this:
That’s my guess, there are variations on the brioche stitch too.

For all kinds of brioche, look at

The stitch in the scarf newamy linked to is a variation of the herringbone stitch.

it looks like a star stitch. there are several “star” “daisy” etc stitches. some are worked over 2 rows/round, some are worked in 1 round.

R1 (k1 or more selvage) ~K3, K3tog,
R2 (k1 or more selvage) ~purl 3 (P, YO, P) in first stitch, P3 together
(in the round, its K3tog, K3 (K, Yo, K) in next stitch)

OR (a variation)

R1: (k1 or more selvage) K3, then K3tog,but don’t drop stitch off needle, YO, and knit into the 3 stitches again (so you have 3 stitches created at the same time you are doing a K3tog decrease)

R2:(k1 or more selvage) P3tog, but don’t let the stitched drop off the needle, YO and purl into the 3 stitches again.

When worked in the round, it is:
R1: K3, K3tog (foundation round)
R2: K3tog, K, YO, K into 1 stitch,
R3: K, YO, K into stitch, K3tog,
(repeat Rows 2 and 3)

the basic element is:
on one row (round) k3 tog,
you then IMMEDATELY make increase (k, yo, k) into the 3 tog, or you do it on the next round–

(the bold V are the K,YO, K in a single stitch )

These stitches are a PITA to do in cotton (as a over szed swatch/facecloth) --so its best to swatch in a wool (or wool like fiber)

there are other variations–you can look in stitch dictionaries for star and/or daisy stitch.

[COLOR="#300090"]Gee, I thought I saw elements of crochet in the decrease area (the dome) of the hat. But then I tend to view crochet as a ‘pick up one stitch, knit and bind off’ variation of knit. :wink:

I am sure I’ve not seen before the stitch used in the top of that hat, whether it be knit or crochet.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

oops, I was thinking of the wrong name.–Herringbone then.

Thank you for writing all of that out. I want to try to swatch it when I get home.