How to

K1b (knit 1 below) - help! Youtube isnt being that helpful

Try this Knit Below video. I find that going to Google and searching on what I need often works better than searching within youtube. HTH & YMMV I found this.

I did do that…so why did it look like i was doing something stupid? Lol. oh well ntw Ill try again when I have more patience lol

You mean your stitches looked funny? I’ve not tried it but it looks like it shouldn’t be too hard. Famous last words?

yes that too lol

It may take a few rows to really see the stitch pattern if this is a Fisherman’s rib for example.

Welll…think Ive done it…

Yup. I think you done it. You’re making the owl? It’s soooooo cute!

Aw Grammy…how did u know?! LOL Yay I finally did something right does a happy dance

edited to add the pic is in the pic…doh!! im an idiot lol

I sometimes have the ability to suss out the obvious. What can I say?

Not only are you getting it right, I love the owl and it will be adorable! Is the pattern online? I think I’d like to try an owl.

Er…i got it off a magazine here in uk…i am not sure you can find it online but f uou cant I can try finding the magazine’s email addy abd you could try to see if they can get this issue out to you?