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Good day! I am working on a beautiful doily IMG_8039 but the pattern is only 10 rows (see below). On row 13 there are things in the form of XXX… - looking like crossed chains, connecting rows below and above. Maybe you can have an idea how it can be done?

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Lovely, intricate pattern.
We need help from crocheters @OffJumpsJack, @GrumpyGramma, @ColoCro, @ZKOhio or any other of you out there.

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How pretty! They look like crossed triple crochets (US terms). You skip a stitch, make your TR, and then go back and do another TR in the stitch you skipped. You can make the 2nd stitch cross either in front or behind the 1st stitch, but you need to be consistent. In this case, I think you also need to do a CH1 between the 2 crossed stitches, because there are more DCs in the row after, so there are increases. So, it’s skip 1 DC, TR in next, CH1, TR in skipped DC across the row. Looks like there are straight TRs and maybe 2 chains at the corners. This isn’t exactly the same, as it shows DCs, but maybe helps you visualize it?


Thank you! Yes, it gives me a good idea of how it can be done, I will go ahead with it!

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There’s also something called K-stitch, where you work the 2nd TR through the middle of the 1st one, but that seems extra fiddly. It might make it more stable, though?

Yes, I came across something like that. I wonder how big the difference is in the end and what was used here. I will start with the simple crossed TR )

I would certainly start with that, then maybe try a few of the K-stitches, just to see if the fiddliness would be worth it? It might, if the Triples tend to separate or something. But if it’s a doily, it’s not like there would be a lot of stress on it once it’s done. They usually just lie there and look pretty!