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Hi friends, I want to knit mittens, but the pattern instructions call for DPN’s but I prefer to use circular (magic loop) as I am not very good with double point needles. My problem is how do I convert the pattern to be worked in circular needle???
Thank you

That is easy: just put markers there where the DPNs would have been. Then you can easily do things like “K until 2 stitches remains on second needle”, you would in that case just stop two stitches before the marker.

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I am confused , The DPN’s split the sts into 3 needles, but you can’t do that with circular needles in magic loop. So I don’t know where to put markers.

I have not done this but I think I understand how it works.
Let’s say you have 30 stitches and the pattern calls for 10 on each dpn.
On your circular you have all 30 stitches, put a marker on the needle at 10 and 20 and 30
Then you use magic loop, this splits your work in half, roughly, now you have 15 or so on each side of your circular needle but you will have a marker at 10, so follow the pattern for whatever it says for needle 1, pass the marker across when you reach it and mentally know you are starting dpn 2.
When you run out of stitches (just 5 in this example) rearrange your magic loop to give yourself more stitches to work with.
When you reach the next marker it signals the end of the second dpn.

As engblom said, if there are instructions for each needle, you look where your markers are.
And each time you run out of stitches on your magic loop you rearrange your loop and the markers travel with the stitches.

I hope this helps. I can picture it but I can’t do it!
I’m just considering attempting a sample using magic loop as I only discovered it yesterday.

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Thank you much for your help :grinning: will try that. :slight_smile:

Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I have just come back and realised there are so many errors in my message! I’m so sorry! (My tablet keyboard randomly changes words with the auto incorrect, it’s crazy).
I’m amazed you understood any of what I have written, even I can’t decipher half of it. I don’t know how my tablet thinks up such random words.

Well, if you did understand it, as it seems you did, then I hope it works out.

  • edited to add, I have corrected most of previous message now. Sorry for the errors :sweat_smile: :grimacing: