How to

I am new to the forum n would love some help. I need to cast off 5 stitches on a pattern row and can’t calculate it.The pattern row is k2 yf k2 sl 1 k2tog psso k2 yf k1…to end…much appreciated

5 stitches at beg.67 stitches on needle

Welcome to the forum!

To cast off 5sts you need to use 6sts. So to work this cast off, cast off using the k2, don’t work the yf, continue the cast off using the next k2, knit the next stitch instead of slipping it and cast it off. Use the next stitch for the cast off instead of the k2tog. Because you’re not working the k2tog, don’t make the second yf.

Thank you muchly.Here I go…will report back…smiles