How to YO as the last st of a pattern row


How do i do the YO as the last st of a pattern row ? the next row is a Purl st row. Thanks…jackie

It’s actuall easier to yo as the first st, and it won’t matter, it’s the same. For the first st on a purl row, put your yarn in back and purl the st, letting the yarn go over the needle. When you knit it on the next row, knit tbl so it doesn’t twist and tighten up.

Sue is right! Thanks Sue! :thumbsup: I just couldn’t wrap my brain around this question…but you simplified it perfectly!!

I’ve seen the question come up before on other boards. And there’s one pattern that has a YO on both the beg and end of the RS rows, but in the notes she says to skip the YO at the end of the row and just do it at the beg of the WS row.

:muah: thank you, :cheering: i have been waiting for a reply to continue, that’s wonderful :hug:

Jackie, if the question has to do with Hey Teach that I know you’re working on, remember that you’ll skip the YOs where you can’t also do the decreases and the other way around. If you can’t do the YOs, skip the decrease. Make sense?