How to work with "flat" or ribbon yarn

I am a beginner and decided to tackle a project using chenille, which was a flat, ribbon-like yarn rather than the rolled yarn I was used to working with. I found it very tedious to work with. Any suggestions on how to work with this type of yarn? It kept twisting after only working on two stiches and though I stopped frequently to untwist the working yard, it would get quite twisted at the skein part necessitating stopping to completely straighten the yarn before it affected the look of the yarn since it was wound so tightly. Since I have invested on an expensive ribbon yarn for another project before starting this one, I’m afraid I’m going to have the same problem and damage the yarn if it should twist as the chenille. Is there help? Anyone else encounter this problem? Or is it a newbie thing? Any help will be appreciated!

It’s not a newbie thing, it’s the nature of the yarn. I have used a ton of chenille. I can tell you that it’s easier to crochet with than it is to knit with. Is it by any chance on a cone? If so, try to situate the cone such that the yarn comes off it in the same way that toilet paper comes off a roll (with the cone sideways rather than up and down). Picture the toilet paper sitting on end on the floor vs. coming out of the dispenser on the wall and you’ll understand what I mean. If on the floor, the paper would come off all weird and spirally. If in the dispenser, it just comes off all nice and flat. Same with yarn that’s flat and ribbony.
You can take a long straight knitting needle and a cardboard box, punch the needle point-first through the side of the box, thread the cone or roll of yarn on the needle, and then punch the point of the needle through the opposite side of the box. It should roll off easily then. If you are using a skein, try winding the yarn onto an empty paper towel tube and doing the same thing.