How to work with 3 colors

I want to make a knitted baby blanket trimed in white and beige and the middle I want to be chocolate.

The pattern I’m using calls for a seed stitch border and using 2 strands of yarn throughout.

The first 6 stitches and the last 6 stitches are going to be in beige & white and the center will be chocolate …

Do I have to cut the beige and white and re-add it at each end?

I hope I’m being clear :hair:
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

You’ll need to have beige and white strands at each end.

What you’re essentially doing is intarsia. Knit the border, then knit with the brown. Work across with the brown and then switch back to the beige edging with another set of strands.

Check out Amy’s vide on intarsia in the Advanced section so you make sure you change your yarn colors correctly to avoid holes.

Thank you so much Ingrid I will go look now.:yay: