How to work this repeat row?

So I have this triangle shawl I’m working on that starts from the bottom and I’ve worked 42 rows so far, and I have 51 stitches on my needles. After row 42, the pattern says “Repeat Rows 29-42, a total of 8 times, making sure to build out the diamond segments on the edges and work across the increasing number of stitches in the center. For example on the first repeat of row 29, there will be 1 st in the center stockinette increasing to 13 in Row 42. On the second repeat of row 29 there will be 17 sts in the center stockinette, increasing to 29 in the second repeat of Row 42, and so on.” I’m not sure how to work the repeat of row 29 because row 29 accounts for 37 stitches and I have 51 right now with 13 stockinette stitches in the middle. I’ll include pictures of what I have so far, how the shawl looks like, and a little part of the patternimage image

If anyone can write out what the next row is supposed to be, that would be amazing.

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What is the name of your pattern?
The increased sts are taken into the stockinette portion in the center of the shawl. It’s difficult to be sure but you can check on the repeats that the lace pattern at the edges is aligned and correct. Then work across the center sts which are increasing by 2sts each row.

The first repeat of row 29 might be:
K1, (yo,k1,yo,ssk,k11,k2tog)x2, yo, k15, yo, k1.

My apologies salmonmac but I think in your repeat of row 29 the k15 is in the wrong place, increasing the st st portion of one boarder instead of the centre triangle area?
You are a far more knowledgeable and experienced knitter without a doubt, but I’m scratching my head at the numbers on this pattern.

Would not the repeat of row 29 be something like:
K1 yo k1 yo ssk k11 k2tog yo k1 yo k1 [first border]
K15 [increasing 13 st st to 15 st st for centre triangle]
K1 yo k1 yo ssk k11 k2tog yo k1 yo k1 [second boarder]

I may not be right. @salmonmac what do you think?
@Mangel12 would this make sense with what you have on the needles?
I believe what I’ve written out starts with 51 stitches with 13 st st in the centre.

One of the confusing things in the pattern is where it says the first repeat has 1 st st on row 29 increasing to 13 st st on 42 but then saying there are 17 st st on row 29 on the second repeat (jumping from 13 to 17??)
This confused me for a bit anyway… it seems not to make sense as the inc of 2 st each alt row would make the centre 15 on the second repeat of row 29. But if you look at the stitches in the boarder immediately either side of the centre 15 there is a knit each side, in effect making it count to 17 rather than 15.

I may well have confused you more but I hope not.

Thanks for thinking about this Creations. Part of the problem is that there’s relatively little to go on (understandable because of designer copyright). I’m pretty tentative on my suggestion for the repeat of row 29 but I’m looking at the increase between rows 29 and 31 in the number of sts between the ending yarn overs. Admittedly not much of a basis for a prediction. I’m interested in the name of the pattern which may help us.

It’s really going to take the knitter looking at the completion of the lace motif and thinking of the additional sts as in the center of the shawl.

It seems to me that there’ll be 15sts when row 41 is complete if 2sts are increased every RS row and then 17sts when the first repeat of row 29 is complete. That’s not completely consistent with the quote but it’s consistent with the possible progression of increases.


Hey there! The pattern is the Artyarns LYS day diamond triangle shawl. The pattern came with some yarn I bought. In the pattern, row 35 ends up having 47 stitches total, row 37 (49), row 39 (47), row 41 (51). Each even row was the same, “k1, purl to last stitch, k1, except with yo2 sts, work k1 p1 into each of those”

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show it but here’s a part of the chart. Row 29 is right above the red line, and it’s where my center stockinette stitches started forming. image

Ok, thanks for that. And thanks to @Creations who is closer to the correct row which, given the information in the chart is:
K1, (yo,k1,yo,ssk,k11,k2tog) (yo,k15,yo,ssk,k11,k2tog), yo, k1, yo, k1

The bolded sts are the central panel.

Nice explanation for the high price tag!

Wouldn’t that row only work if I had 49 stitches on my needles right now instead of 51? Or am I just counting wrong? Thank you so much for both of your guys’ help by the way!

You can adjust the center sts to whatever stitch number you happen to have. As long as the lace motifs line up and are correct, the center can be worked with whatever stitches you have.


Perhaps a mix of salmonmac’s reading of the chart (i can’t read a chart) and what I tried earlier?

I have noticed my error in thatit would increase 4 stitches per row i think instead of just 2.
But if you bring in a k1 after the yo either side if the k15 then it ought to account for your 51 stitches currently on needles, stay even and symmetrical across the row and would also acount for the given information that 2nd repeat fo row 29 has 17 st st rather than the 15.

K1 yo k1 yo ssk k11 k2tog [first border]
yo k1 K15 k1 yo [increasing 13 st st to 15 st st for centre triangle]
ssk k11 k2tog yo k1 yo k1 [second boarder]

As @salmonmac said the important part is to keep the lace motifs in line.

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Yes i ended up doing exactly this using both your and @salmonmac’s advice and it turned out great. Everything is looking nice and I’ve progressed quite a bit. Thank you!


I hope that we get to see a photo of this shawl when you finish! Enjoy working it.

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Fabulous news!